Name and shame! Activists urge Sheebah Karungi to reveal name of gov’t official who sexually assaulted her


Sensational singer Sheebah Karungi

Human rights activists have expressed solidarity with artiste Sheebah Karungi, with some asking her to reveal the senior official in government who sexually assaulted her.

Sheebah on Monday, May 9, 2022, posted a video on her social media pages, claimed that a certain eminent member of the government tried to sexually impose himself on her while she chilled away in her car.

“One of the people you respect and call real role models. This old pervert was acting funny with me in my car, they opened my car with his security, I was asleep, he was trying to be inappropriate, no shame no remorse, nothing,” she narrated.

The revelation has drawn public outrage, with several saying that she should reveal the name of the government official.

Susan Labwot said: “Naming the pervert will protect other potential victims. It’s important we publicly shame such uncouth individuals and profile their patent of behaviour for justice. Praying Sheebah gets the courage to name this person.”

Rosebell Kagumire, a blogger, however, deferred, saying that naming the official will not end the vice.

“Victims of sexual harassment and assault should never be pressured to report or name names. Clearly the video shows you a still distressed Sheebah but you people think naming the predator is owed to you. This is dangerous and insensitive.

We know the backlash that victims of sexual harassment get and even worse when someone is powerful. You live in a country where arbitrary arrest, abusive police & violence is daily but you conveniently forget these circumstances when women speak out on sexual violence,” she said.

Dr. Sarah Bireete, a human rights activist, said: “Sometimes we end up protecting the beasts in our society by failing to disclose their names. It’s a catch 22. But I see pointers towards some weekend birthday party where she was booked to perform. A police complaint should be filed in public interest.”

Karitas Karisimbi, said: ”I am raising boys and it disappoints me when I see men acting the way they act, you are acting like animals.., like cocks”.

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