EDUCATION FOR THE 21ST CENTURY: Tr. Catherine Nassozi, a hero in the class room and beyond

Tr. Catherine Nassozi ans some of her pupils (PHOTO /Courtesy

Tr. Catherine Nassozi ans some of her pupils (PHOTO /Courtesy)

Catherine Nassozi has been teaching at St. Peter’s Primary School Nsambya for more than 10 years. She states that for all the time she has entered class, she has been inspired by the learners.

The behavior of pupils in class room is another learning for her. The organic curiosity of learners in the educational process is what inspires me to press ahead in the face of stirring reality. “My children write to me, advise me, abuse me, challenge me, seek advice from me, comfort me etc,” she says. They are a reflection of the real world nothing less. Classroom is her world.

As I already noted in my previous articles entitled SLAVERY IN MODERN EDUCATION-The Ongoing Human Extinction in Education and HOW EDUCATION DIED IN ACTION

“……I must note gain that this beautiful encounter between Tr. Nassozi
and the leaners goes beyond the figures and words on the black board to the original fibers of human existence and everyday life questions. Without this chain of authenticity, education loses its grip on man and hence its relevancy diminishes in the face of the changing world.”

“Education has origins in ubuntu which constitutes of love, happiness, justice and Joy. To think otherwise is what constitutes slavery. Man, stumbles in the face of corruption, bad governance among others because education to him is nothing other than an enterprise, a scheme with no origins in the self. The major crisis in the quality of modern education has roots in its attempt to suspend ubuntu in theory and practice.

“This marked its eventual death in practice.
Education lacked a founding tradition upon which to dialogue with the world/reality. Ubuntu was suspended yet it is a constant. Ubuntu is a natural law which affirms the original elements of humanity [love, togetherness, happiness, justice].

This hypothesis is absent in the modern education and this explains why the graduate has easily fatigued in the face human vices. Education no longer presents itself as an attraction to ordinary men and women in society….”

Tr. Nassozi states that her small teaching ecology gives her an opportunity to serve society because it is through educating the young that tomorrow becomes certain. Education of the young gives us an opportunity to self-resurrect, she says.

For her, in order to build a durable education, the teacher must not only transmit knowledge but also a heart. The teacher must live the moment with the learners because it is the heart that gives education authenticity. In class I share breakfast, lunch, knowledge and match with for prayers. I don’t take them; I match with them. Even if I have piece of bread, I must ensure we all share because for me it is in this experience of sharing that education is tested. You see! Class and life must be fused otherwise education becomes a separate entity.

What inspires a learner is not only the formulas transmitted but the gentle, steady yet ordinary judgement of the educator in the face of existence. We move together in every encounter with reality.

This is what gives me the stamina to stand in classroom every day for more than 10 years now. I try as much as possible to communicate an experience to them, to make them see education in practice. I communicate to them the fundamentals of a human heart which constitute of love, happiness, justice etc. Because I believe it is this foundation that will give them a standard of judgement in their subsequent life experience.

Take note: The teacher must not communicate a superman or project because he or she soon will be overwhelmed by fatigue. He/she must communicate true contents of humanity without addition or reduction.

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