Never! I cannot divorce Pr Bugingo – Teddy


Pastor Aloysius Bugingo and wife Teddy Naluswa

Ms Teddy Naluswa, the wife of embattled City Pastor and proprietor House of Prayer Ministries, Aloysious Bugingo has said she is not in any way thinking of divorcing her husband even after all the marital woes that surrounded their marriage.

In an interview with a local TV station, Naluswa said that her marriage was an agreement she made in church in front of God and she is still keeping it because any person has to keep and honour agreements just like God does.

“Divorce is a sin and it sets a bad example to children out there to shun marriages. We as parents have to stand in the agreement we made because if I break it, what will my daughter or son do?,”she asks.

Naluswa further explained that God is a person of agreements in all He does and He made agreements with all the people He worked with.

“The bible says in Psalms 15:4 ‘When a holy person swears, even if they are dying, they do not change…’ she quotes saying if you make an agreement, don’t think about breaking it.

The World of Salvation lead pastor also explained that her years in marriage were not wasted and she cannot regret them.

“I was able to get children who I believe are a blessing from God. Even the expensive cars people say I used to drive, if they were in my names I would at least have sold all of them to pay fees for my children but unfortunately they were in Bugingo names,” she shares.

Naluswa adds that she was desperate asking herself what she would do next basing on the storm that was existing then and the responsibility she was getting into with the children.

She explains that just like any child of God, she was prone to being tested and discovered that earthly things should teach us about heaven which changed her mind set.

“A leader does not necessarily mean going into politics only, but even at home in your own house you are a leader. This means there are people who look up to you as their role model. As a church leader, you have followers that look up to you and so is a politician. So strengthen your conduct and change your ways to match up to their expectations,” she shares.

Naluswa also confirmed that she had the alleged disease that the husband talked about but said he would have been discreet with this since it was their relationship secret and had nothing to do with the public.

“The truth is that that disease was not just put on me, I had it for ten years. But in those ten years however, I had it on and off but if God came out and healed me, it makes no sense for someone to come out and tell the whole world how they bought me pads. If you bought me the pads and cotton, did you want me to go to my father and ask the pads from him because at the time, that responsibility was upon you,” she shared.

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