New Soy flour campaign launched as WISHH moves to target Ugandan bakers

Charles Nsubuga, CEO of SESACO and Asha Batenga, the MD, Kampala Cake Fair (PHOTO /Courtesy).

World Initiative for Soy in Human Health (WISHH) has launched a Soy Flour campaign in Uganda, aiming at promoting the benefits of soybean and encourage bakers to use soy flour for their products to boost local bakery in Uganda.

Under the theme: Soy Flour for the Modern Baker, the campaign is also intended to engage various stakeholders in the demand-supply chain through targeted consumer marketing and communication approach.

Betty Paulls Lunkuse, Media Officer of The Little Cow Consulting Limited, Rwanda & East Africa – Project Managers for WISHH says the six-month campaign will run in the districts of Wakiso, Mukono, Mpigi, Masaka and Jinja.

The campaign activities will be broadcasted on local television and radio stations, social media platforms and publications in newspapers.

She said there will be webinar events for selected bakers and when possible, hold consumer activations in the markets and streets for consumers to sample baked products from soy flour.

Lunkuse said this will be done while observing the COVID-19 standard operating procedures.

Charles Nsubuga, a soy flour supplier in Uganda, said: “With the rise in poor-diet-associated health challenges, soybean and its products value can no longer be underestimated; neither can it be dismissed as ideal for all people from all walks of life.

“Soy is good for your health. A more recent development is that soy flour, a product that if you checked Uganda as a nation, is only sought after by a select few. Many do not know that soy-flour exists or in what way any soy product may benefit them,” he said.

Nsubuga encouraged consumers through this campaign to eat baked products enhanced with soy, for instance bread and cake which has been made with soy.
“This means the bread or cake has got a higher nutrition than the one without soy,” he said.

Nsubuga added that: “We also urge bakers in Uganda to use soy because the benefits are enormous. Because of its colour, soy enhances the look of the products.

“It also increases both the yield and the softness of the bread or cake. Bread made from soy flour can last for extra 2-3 days, the crust is good, the texture is great and the taste is also delicious.”

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