Nexus Green breaks ground for 80MW Solar Manufacturing Plant in Kapeeka

State Minister for Trade David Bahati has flagged off the construction of Nexus Green Factory in Kapeka Industrial Park

David Bahati, the Minister of State for Trade, Industry and Co-operatives has today flagged off the construction of the
Nexus Green Limited 80MW Solar Manufacturing Plant in Kapeeka.

Other officials from United Kingdom government including Baronnes Sandip K. Verma have graced the groundbreaking event in Kampala. A Baroness is a female member of the House of Lords, equivalent in rank to Baron.

Minister Bahati thanked UK solar firm for expanding the Nexus brand to Uganda.

“The heart of any self-sustaining economy is industrialization. I’m happy to be standing here to witness yet another important milestone of having a factory in this part of the country where actually the liberation took place. The lives that were lost in this part weren’t in vain,” Bahati said.

“We are on the move and the momentum is on. We want more and more factories to be able to create more jobs and be able to replace more imports,” Bahati said.

Uganda’s import bill stands at $ 7.3 billion every year while export stands at $5.2 billion.

Minister David Bahati breaks ground for 80MW Solar Manufacturing Plant in Kapeeka

Speaking to reporters, Mr. Nexus Green Chief Executive Officer Rikki Tarun Verma said the factory is aiming at full manufacture of solar systems from Uganda.

“We sall start by doing assembly as we source for materials and we shall do the full manufacture here,” he told Minister Bahati.

He said the company has secured permission to start some of the construction.

“This is going to be a full time solution for the panel. We are to be having a full R&D Centre were will be doing a alot of developments, an irrigation pump that will be manufactured here using our relationships with Makerere University professors who has already come with the blue print for an irrigation pump”.

He added: “With this state of the art facility, we gonna be able to achieve quality products at a very competitive price. So, now every household, every farmer or hospital will be able to save money on electricity bills because electricity is quite expensive”

“Here in Uganda around the equator, it makes commercial center for everyone because of the abundance of the sun”.

He said the Euros10million investment project is expected to be ready by Quarter 3 of 2022 and it will produce over 250,000 solar panels per annum.

According to officials, its production capacity is expected to double by Year 2.

The 80MW Solar Manufacturing Plant will site a Research and Development Laboratory that will enable the development and manufacturing of solar irrigation pumps, solar street lighting and solar mini-grids.

The plant will enable capacity building and creating employment opportunities for Ugandans.

Nexus Green is a company that specializes in designing, supplying, manufacturing, and delivering affordable solar-powered solutions that reduce carbon emissions.

The government through the ministry of water and environment contracted Nexus Green to design, supply, and install 687 sites across the country utilizing financing from the UK Export Finance.

The systems designed by Nexus Green will be connected to a water source that will supply transmission pipes.

The water will be stored in reservoirs and then passed through distribution networks to the farms.

Nexus Green Limited Chief Executive Officer Rikki Tarun Verma, the company met with President Museveni

Nexus Green Limited Chief Executive Officer Rikki Tarun Verma briefs Minister Bahati on 80MW Solar Manufacturing Plant (PHOTO /Courtesy)

Work has already begun in Mpamu, Ntanzi Parish, Ntenjeru sub-country in Mukono district. This irrigation project aims to improve the water supply to small-scale farmers, which should increase their harvests.

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1 Comment

  1. Charles Baker

    11/12/2021 at 11:33 PM

    Why is the project referred to as an 80 MW Solar manufacturing plant? Will it be producing 80 MW solar panels or 80 MW is the name of the plant?

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