NRM disgruntled mobliser writes missive to Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni


On behalf of my fellow disgruntled nrm supporters and mobilizers I would like to congratulate you our president upon our victory in the past concluded elections and also wish the family a blessed and happy swearing in ceremony. It’s a pity that most of the people who fought for this victory are left out of this ceremony not only because of covid 19 but because it’s a taboo.

This is as a result of the gap and classes in our good political party. We have over copied the ancient politics of Europe but remember by that time there leadership was not elective but rather selective and it was a monarchy caliber.

Your Excellency I joined the big complaining number of Ugandans and especially the nrm disgruntled members to inform you that the policy of Hands on and eyes on during campaigns and immediately put hands off and eyes on after winning should be stopped. This is the only reason why our party has continued having opposition.

In Uganda we don’t have opposition but the noisy makers are just disgruntled. Your a good leader that the whole world wishes to copy from you but too much of everything creates errors. Your Excellency you have given people too much powers and they have started treating people as there projects. Every passing day they look for opportunities over responsibilities. They nolonger care about the service delivery but they care about international tours and there families lavish way of life.

In this swearing on ceremony. Your Excellency I expected new faces to be there but your meeting the same people who attended the past function. I just don’t know whether you enjoy seeing the same faces day and after day.

Your Excellency. Wherever you are just know that your hard work soldiers are in pain. The few who are close to you stops them from having a word with you and you don’t always follow up. Even if you order them to bring someone to you he or she is blocked and the blame is put on you.

Otherwise we wish you all the best and if possible recruit new cadres who are ready to work with you as you drive Uganda to the promised land but if your still with the same people. I don’t think we shall be strong like before.


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