Ntagali’s pregnant lover Judith accused him of neglect in leaked audio chat

Ntagali was friends with Judith and her husband Reverend Christopher Tugumehabwe (PHOTO/Courtesy).

Former Church of Uganda Archbishop Stanley Ntagali can’t seem to catch a break.

A few days back, it emerged that he was being sued by his lover Judith Tukamuhabwa’s husband for a whooping Shs530m in compensation.

According to lawyers representing Judith’s husband Rev Christopher Tugumehabwe, Ntagali is expected to pay shs500m for damages he caused to the latter physically and emotionally and Shs30m to cover the legal fees in the couple’s ongoing divorce case.

Latest in this saga is that Ntagali abandoned Judith during the time she needed him the most when she was pregnant with his child.

In a leaked audio chat between Ntagali and Judith in which they speak in Runyankole/Rukiga, she angrily threatens to name their unborn child ‘Ntagali’.

Judith went on to tell the man of God that she would bring the child to his home for him to take care of it as punishment for abandoning her.

“I am not fine. I am going to bring your baby and you stay with him. I am going to bring this baby boy once I give birth,” Judith said.

Ntagali responded by begging Judith to stay with the baby as it would cause an embarrassment to the whole world.

She also accused him of ignoring her calls and lying that he had been in meetings all day when she needed to talk to him.

“Why do you make me angry? Why aren’t you considerate? Don’t you think I am risking? Do you know the stress this pregnancy brings? What if I got a problem? Imagine I went to hospital alone in the night, what if they killed me?” Judith argued.

“Please forgive me,” a remorseful Ntagali said. Judith responded; “I will pay you back. I will bring your child. Prepare a house and land for him.”

Ntagali recently apologized for his wrong doing confessing that the devil led him into committing adultery.

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