Nubian Li, Eddie Mutwe, 46 other Bobi Wine supporters charged in military trial

Nubian Li, Eddie Mutwe, 46 other Bobi Wine supporters charged in military trial

KAMPALA — At least 48 members of Bobi Wine campaign team including Nubian Li, Eddie Mutwe, Dan Magic and Bobi Young have been charged in a military court after being arrested in Kalangala last year.

Their lawyers and family members were all denied access to the court.

This website understands that court sat without anyone present and remanded them.

“I find it difficult that a man who claims to be a General can be so, so scared of the people to the point of behaving in the most shameful manner,” Bobi Wine said in a statement.

“Like we have said repeatedly, we have information that they plan to plant guns, drugs and other materials in homes of comrades so as to arrest them and charge them with such bogus cases.

To you all comrades out there, be strong, be firm! These are simply signs that Museveni is on the way out. God is with us. Just continue to pray for Uganda and do your part to make this change possible”.

Bobi Wine close aides have not been seen in public since their arrest, and many were worried about their safety after reports that Nubian Li had been hospitalized in custody.

The police dismissed this line of events.
Nubian Li and other supporters were on Thursday transferred from Masaka to Makindye Military Barracks in Kampala.

On December 30, security agencies in a joint operation arrested 126 NUP supporters including Kyagulanyi’s drivers and private bodyguards. Some of those arrested were detained at Kalangala Police Station and on Tuesday they appeared before Kalangala Magistrate court and got bail.

During the arrest, the police confiscated Kyagulanyi’s official campaign car and three other cars in his convoy and they are currently parked at Kalangala Police Station.

Kyagulanyi has since protested the security crackdown on his close associates, saying it is intended to isolate him and disorganise his team ahead of the polls, but insists he is not shaken.

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