Nursery teachers asked to teach the right content

Nursery teachers asked to teach the right content

Nursery teachers have been advised to teach children the right syllabus which involves pronunciation of words, their correct meanings and spelling at that level.
Josephine Muyama, a tutor at Bishop Wills CPTC Iganga while addressing nursery school teachers at a workshop held at Buganda Road Primary school recently said that children in nursery school are at a formative stage of grasping whatever their teachers teach them.

‘‘If a child is taught a wrong curriculum at such an early stage, they will take it as the gospel truth because they believe so much in their teachers. Even if a parent tries to correct them, they will not accept and instead take their parents to be teaching them the wrong content,’’ Muyama explained.

She said that the early care and educational experiences of a child can have a lifelong impact, promoting growth and learning outcomes that prepare them for formal school and individual well-being.

Muyama further asked nursery teachers to have refreshers workshops every after two years where they can get new ways of presenting their content to the children.

The project Manager of E- learning Kenneth Obonyo said that many rural schools especially private don’t have qualified nursery teachers but school dropouts of primary and secondary levels who are employed to teach the children because the owners of the schools cannot afford to pay qualified teachers.

For this reason, Obonyo said that many rural primary schools perform poorly in PLE exams because their foundations at nursery level was weak.

The workshop which attracted over 100 nursery teachers from various districts all over Uganda that included Kampala, Kiryandongo, Jinja, Mukono, Wakiso, Gulu, Kamuli, Fortportal was organized by E- Learning Project, a Ugandan based project recognized by the ministry of education and sports consisting of various qualified teachers who have been in service for a long time.

They record their syllabus content on DVDs to ease concept delivery for learners at different levels.

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