Open letter to Gen Museveni & why this should be your last term!

President Yoweri Museveni was sworn in for a another term (PHOTO/Courtesy).

KAMPALA —Receive greetings from your Muzukulu called Muhimbise George as your swear in for your eighth term as President.

I pen this letter to you, painfully with tears rolling in my eyes & with a bleeding heart.

I take this honor to congratulate you for having led Uganda for 35 years & counting. It’s been a struggle making it to this level & you are one of the most skilled human beings on earth.

I call it a struggle because you have used security to torture, torment & shed innocent blood so that you can rule. You have squandered national resources & depleted national coffers so that you can hang on to power. You have strangled state institutions to death so that they can satisfy your exergurated ego.

You have deliberately & systematically impoverished Ugandans so that you can manipulate them for life. You have abrogated your own constitution & turned such an important document into a mere roll of toilet paper that you use when you need & dump after use! Thank you your excellency!

You have turned Bank of Uganda into your family joint bank account where family members are signatories, Parliament into your walking stick, judiciary into your door mat where you clean your Presidential shoes, Security organs into your personal guards, Uganda into your personal estate or farm & Ugandans as your slaves, Thank you very much!

The most painful reality is that after all these years, your greatest legacy is that you ruled for many years! Like the saying goes that it’s not how many years you lived in your life that matter but the life you lived in your years. Your greatest lagacy is that your name is writen among the longest but not greatest leaders in the world.

Any attempts to remember you by your deeds will bring the worst memories our country has tested;

The memories of Luwero war & how people were butchered in your quest for power. The memories of people who were buant alive in Mukula wagon! The Bulchol massacre among others!

The massacre of bakonjo & how you decimated the palace of Rwenzuru & the weakening of a once powerful kingdom of Buganda including turning Baganda into squatters on their own land.

The plundering of national resources, election violence & human rights abuses, to mention but a few would cover any scattered negligible achievements of your regime.

Your excellence, indeed this not to suggest that you have done purely nothing, you have done many things; You have built the economy, but it benefits a few, you have expanded our revenues but the money is stolen by a your cronies & bootlickers, you have made roads but citizens produce nothing to pass through the roads, you made a constitution but there is killed constitutionalism, you have built power dams but electricity is not affordable & 90% of your people use charcoal, you strengthened our army but again weakened it by making it a personal property. So, in a nutshell, you are like a man who produces a girl child, educates her & thereafter ruthlessly rapes this child & infects her with HIV AIDS, so would you appreciate that parent? Would you thank a hen that lays eggs & eats them?

The fact that any develoments made have been laid on a weak political foundation of uncertainty, manipulation, family rule, weak & personalised Institutions, broken systems etc is acting like a foolish builder who built his house on sand & when the storm & flooding came, it washed the house away.

Your excellence that’s what you have done, you have ascended on your would be achievements & destroyed them yourself, unfortunately the tsunami that will soon inevitably sweep you away may as well sweep away the country!

So as I wind up your excellence, I would like you to pose these questions to yourself, perhaps they could get you out of this delusion.

Assuming the day of your swearing in was your last day in life. Would you die a happy man?

Imagine that with all your struggles from the jungles of Mozambique in the 1960s, to Tanzania & Luwero, to date, Ugandans like myself & other millions do not appreciate your purpoted sacrifice!

That with the so many programs & policies & the political stability you have enjoyed, you would leave Uganda a poor country still, not even in a lower middle income?

That you have ammassed wealth, personally or through proxies looted public resources, but after four decades of routinely doing this, you aren’t satisfied yet?

That you came promising to build a mixed economy but under your watch you have built a purely capitalistic economy with a few super rich & majority wallowing in abject poverty? That a few Indians owning sugar factories (Kaliro Sugar, Kakira Sugar, Mayuge Sugar etc) are now controlling the entire economy of Busoga region?

That after more than three decades in power, your citizens spirits & souls have been crushed that they sell their votes by a sachet of waragi or 500gms or salt? That your citizens will negotiate with those who defile their daughters for money? That the women will sell their bodies & dignity for survival? That you have a public service that is so weak & bent on survival that they will surrender their professional competence & pride to you & submit to mediocrity?

That after 35 years in power, you award districts on basis of tribes, moreover a country that talks of East African Federation?

That despite debt forgiveness on two occasions, your country is chocking with debts with each Ugandan being demanded 1.5m ugx yet shamelessly we still import rice from Pakistan, Apples from South Africa, Mangoes from Kenya? That we still export raw maize, raw matooke, raw beans, raw ovacados, raw gold etc just like you exercise raw power?

Your excellence Imagine reaching in heaven & you are handed a copy of your own book, “What is Africa’s Problem” which you clearly diagnosed as leaders who overstay in power! Your excellence would you accept the hipocricy in you?

Your excellence & the NRM supporters, this is an appeal to you. That after 35 years, there is nothing more you are left to do, even if you were given 100 more years. That you have stolen everything & there is nothing more left to steal!

The damage you have done is too much but Ugandans can forgive you & forego, the greatest thing you can ever to this country is to make this a your last term in office.

Muhimbise George, [email protected], 0787836515,

The author is a member of the Alliance for National Transformation Publicity Committee.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect our editorial stance.

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