OPEN LETTER TO HON JANET MUSEVENI: Where are the pads you promised to girls?

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Education Minister Janet Museveni (PHOTO /Courtesy)

By Muhimbise George

Hon Janet Museveni, allow me to convey my greetings to you. First I am sorry I don’t know how to address you because I see people addressing you as “Maama”, including those older than you, yet your husband calls us “Bazzukulu” whatever the case I don’t think I should address you as “Maama”, because I am convinced that you have not played that motherly role to our impoverished country!

I write this letter to you, in your capacity as a Minister of Education and sports and at the same time First Lady, who even accepted to be called “Maama” by the population that you seem to have ignored.

Last week you released Primary Leaving Examinations results for the year 2020 in which 749,761 candidates had been registered!

These candidates joined Primary one in 2014, and by that time statistics from UBOS (statistical abstract 2020) indicate that 1,932,489 were enrolled in Primary one.

Hon Janet, this means that children totaling 1,182,649 dropped out of school before reaching primary seven, which amounts to 61% drop out rate.

Hon, in 2015 when you went to contest for Ruhama member of Parliament, where you lied to the country that God had sent you to represent those people, I don’t know which God you meant. But if that god is the one who sent you to head Ministry of Education, and having been in this docked for six years now, isn’t it fair if we ask you to account for these over a million children that are unaccounted for?

This drop out especially amongst girls is attributed to many factors but among them is lack of sanitary pads which traumatizes girls during their menstrual periods and they end up missing many days without attending classes or even dropping out completely!

Hon Janet, you will recall that in 2015 you accompanied your husband on a campaign trail throughout the country and in this campaign, you promised that government would provide sanitary pads to girls in school, a lie that you even documented in the NRM manifesto!

Having been appointed in the education Ministry, your qualifications not withstanding, bearing in mind that you are perhaps the only Ugandan who got awarded a degree in education without doing teaching practice, we thought that as a mother you would have a parental heart to ensure that these girls hopes are not dashed!

You promised us technical schools per Subcounty, they are no where, you promised us a middle income it’s no where, you hoodwinked us that you would provide a secondary school per sub county they are no where, you decieved us of a health center per parish, they are no where, how could you be heartless and shameless to lie to the young innocent girls?

How do you comfortably sit in your office when you know girls are suffering and dropping out of school due to avoidable circumstances?

I hear you are a born again christian, how do you raise the bible to be sworn in as a minister when you have lied to the country; not once, not twice and not even thrice?

What would happen if the young girls you promised pads matched to your office with “blood stained” pieces of cloth, that they improvise after your empty promises? Or do you think it’s something too hard to do?

Do you know that former Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo was found hiding under his bed with the wife when the wretched of the earth came for him? Have you ever tried to ring former Zimbabwe First Lady Grace Mugabe to know how it feels to live outside state house or do you think state house is your ancestral home, where you will stay for ever?

Hon Janet, you and family have messed up our country, from education to health, infrustracture to civil service, our country is messed, all for the sake of your comfort and luxury!

We Ugandans feel disgusted when we see you and husband walking to address the press, at state house very relaxed and happy when the country you preside over is bleeding!


Muhimbise George, [email protected],0787836515

The author is a member of Alliance for National Transformation Publicity Committee

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