OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT MUSEVENI: Do not split your homeland Ntungamo

President Yoweri Museveni (PHOTO /Courtesy)

I am KAMURINDE JOHN a resident of Rwentobo/Rwahi Town Council Rushenyi Constituency in Ntungamo District and I address you in that capacity as follows:

1. That Ntungamo is your ancestral land Mr. President and your love for it is undisputed.

2. That under your guidance Mr. President, Ntungamo has seen a lot of responsible people groomed to serve Uganda and beyond and they include but are not limited to:

(a) Hon. Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Musinguzi Robert. The president of National Unity Platform.

(b) Hon. Mugisha Muntu. The president of Alliance for National Transformation

(c) Hon. Mr. Justice Richard Buteera. The Deputy Chief Justice of The Republic of Uganda

(d) Hon. Mwesigwa Rukutana. The former Deputy Attorney General and State Minister of Labor

(e) Hon. Mama Janet Kataaha Museveni. The current cabinet minister for education and the 1st lady of the republic of Uganda.

(f) Mr. Kin Kariisa. The CEO Next Media Co. Ltd.

(g) Itungo Barbra Kyagulanyi. The 2nd lady of The Republic of Uganda. Among many others.

3. That the contents of the 2nd paragraph prove that Ntungamo is a diverse society, with divergent opinions which at times become vicious.

However, one constant remains and that is, they are all from the children of Ntungamo.

That is the beauty that reigns the land of Ntungamo. That is why it is the first district, that is why it is the heart of this country. Call it a clean political mess.

4. That to be precise, there is a rising spirit rooted in the political myopia of local politicians who are busy pressing for the division of Ntungamo under the pretext of enhancing service delivery. Well, my considered opinion is this and I seek your guidance for that matter:

(a) That the division of Ntungamo district has origins in political compensation and employment not service or economic engineering. That the same is premised on individualism. What Ntungamo needs is not increasing the number of MPs and RDCs. What is needed is attraction of investment in order to provide market and employment for the population.

– The economy of Ntungamo is premised on the following and that is; Milk production, Banana Plantations and coffee.

If investment can be attracted to provide market for farmers in the respective areas, I don’t see need to split Ntungamo district.

5. That dividing Ntungamo into various districts will dismantle the spirit of Ntungamo and create further avenues for divisions. It will dismantle the unity of hope and purpose in your sons aforementioned in paragraph 2.

Thus, under the principle of balance of convenience, the negative is high when Ntungamo is split.

6. That dividing Ntungamo will tantamount to sanctioning of the longtime corruption that has plagued Ntungamo. It will simply transfer corruption in its interior, suck the economic bone marrow of peasants and saw seeds for further disintegration of your popularity. We should not ignore the rotten leadership in the district by retreating in disintegration. We need to make right the wrong other than disintegrating.

7. That diving Ntungamo will weaken its brand as a district of presidents and first ladies as its identity will be struck in the back.

8. That the needed services can be enhanced by empowering the youth to press for more accountability and transparency, resurrecting and commercializing the dead sports and entertainment industry in the district. Our leadership need to bench mark the success of Buganda and Ssebei region in the sports and art industry.

9. That Mr. President, its your duty to dismantle the growing spirit of political employment. Not everyone will be employed in parliament, the army, government etc. Thus, I find that empowering the sports and entertainment industry is vital.

In the premises, the purpose of this letter is to seek your substantial guidance as our grandfather to save the Ntungamo.

Much obliged.

[email protected]
Tel+ 256 708157586
@ntungamo number plate.
Dated this 12th day of August 2021. At Rwentobo-Ntungamo-Uganda

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