Open letter to the Director of LDC: Where is the breakdown of our results?

Law Development Centre is under fire over alleged missing results (PHOTO /Courtesy)

An Open letter to the Director LDC
From Tian Emmanuel 2019/2020 student

Re: 2019/2020 LDC results

My Lord with due respect I have waited for now about one month after graduation held on 11th June 2021 to get a breakdown of my results to find out where I went wrong on my papers in vain. We as law students have as a general rule always been told to rely on direct evidence which in my case would be a break down of results which I have waited for in vain.

Allow me therefore to make some deductions using circumstancial evidence in regard to issues that you need to look into and call for an audit if content hat my points hold water.

In brief our results came out in early June without a break down. In the first list I had failed 5 subjects which put me among the 70 percent as I had 3 category A supplimentaries which included family law practice. When the individual email came, I had failed 4 subjects and the family law which I was alleged to have failed,showed that I had passed with 56.

This makes me wonder whether there might have been issues of exam swapping because in the first list a lecturer who submitted an exam for compilation in a computer would know that he passed 100 students so the final exams should reflect such number. So after graduation I would like you to make an audit to find out whether the number still remained the presumed 100 or it increased and by what number.

I would also expect that you access the marks originally submitted by the lecturers who marked the scripts and compare it with those in the final list to avoid the issue of bias because in my criminal paper l was given 66 percent yet when I was sitting for orals the marched me out before finishing to answer the final question since they saw that I was on track and I’m conversant with criminal law and I don’t believe in getting such a low mark of 66 percent. I implore you to check my original criminal marks to confirm if I truely got 66 in order to dispel the issue of exam swapping on my mind.

Secondly from communication on our various students groups there was communication to the effect that lecturers said that they had passed several students but they are also surprised about the failure rate on one hand and on another hand some PAs/ lecturers were saying that other students oral exams and internal Assessments were missing by the time of the final compilation so they only reflected final exams.

Permit me to say that much as this is all hearsay evidence which is not permissible in law it touches on a fact in issue since we have failed to get the breakdown, it leads me to make some presumptions which will be my circumstantial evidence. Firstly what are the qualifications of the academic registrar?
2. Does he have qualifications in mathematics which enables him rightly compute the 10 + 10 percent in IA for second and third term where all those papers are marked and averaged to account for the 10 percent respectively? Is he also capable of totaling the 30 percent orals which I presume are marked out of 50 and also the final exam of 50 percent which is marked out of 100.

With the previous complaints raised by students ( refer to Agatha) have you tried to audit whether the AR rightly computed those marks instead of defending your system?
We also have the issue of management of ldc which you teach in your management class where you give an officer total freedom to manage their departments. Can we say that much as we had covid, your lack of supervision led to the failure of these officers displaying the oral exams and internal Assessments in time? Are you going to make some changes in strict adherence to following timelines.

Are you aware that we lost a student called Regina who banged her head on the wall several times and died one hour later. We also have kaweesa who used to work with Nyombi and co Advocates whose death I cannot easily establish but the point I’m putting forward is that most students are suffering from trauma and the major cause is due to lack of display in breakdown of results. We also need your assurance after an audit on the academic registrar especially since there are alot of blunders as also pointed out by other students.

With due respect even those students who graduated don’t know their results and I would implore you to check if they best students passed on merit because it beats my understanding for a student who had 3 supplimentaries in the first results to have emerged the best in criminal.

Much as he had two papers which needed verification, he was shown to have failed a core subject which I belief he would have been sorted out after graduation like the rest of us. So what special means did he use to be sorted out which was not available to all students that failed?

I’m happy that you stated that we need to resolve this as management and students. With due respect I could have passed this information thru our students leaders but since majority also failed they are not available. I would be glad to have these issues sorted out for the good of LDC.

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