OPINION: The predicament of a “Patriot” and a “Hooligan”

Deus Kamunyu Muhwezi (PhD) is the chairperson of Makerere University Academic Staff Association – MUASA (PHOTO/Courtesy).

KAMPALA — With my little experience of leadership yearning for people centred impacts, I have realised that much of the responsibility to move society forward lay with those who hold power at all levels of society. All leaders and unit heads must rise to the new challenge of new generation “hooligan” yearning for opportunity in all spaces.

Frankly, if these leaders and unit heads continue to make decisions that dramatise society and seed hatred, they will harvest corruption, strife and violence in return. Their walls then will not be higher enough to climb and our men and women in uniform will become demons.

I have realised that there is a generation shift. The shift is more towards young elites and non elites who are yearning for decent opportunity and a more free space fully supported by the new world. These are children of peasants that are ill educated or city dwellers with ill opportunity who are slowly realising that political power can actually positively impact on them. They are guided by the idea of “fighting” that the “Patriots” have naively promoted when referring to our ragged past. They are a generation that has seen the “Fighters” and “Patriots” blossom, are more sensitive to human rights and most are not after capturing power but know its value. They connote the “hooligans” to those who hold liberating power.

The “Patriots” hold a contrary view. Most have blossomed on power or their access to power not on opportunity creation. They enjoy some level of chaos and disorganization of public service because that is when government can release the resources. Unfortunately not to create meaningful opportunity for the “hooligan” but to further distort the “hooligan” and galvanise their rudimentary held power. They wish to protect this power at all costs including telling all sorts of multiple lies to leaders. They are threatened by a generation shift and dread a more organized “hooligan”.

As we talk, the ” hooligan/new generation” yearning for a more organised society they least understand very well seem to be getting more organised and will enlarge as more resources go to holding them other than creating opportunity. To many “Patriots” this trend must be stopped. The strategy could be to continue distorting what may be increasingly holding them together. I disagree.

As a citizen, i hold a view that trying to stop the “hooligan” using traditional ways would be counterproductive. Instead, I call for more responsibility on the side of leaders that hold power. Inject a little doze of nationalism in public service and politics. Don’t be mislead by the prescriptions of a “Patriot”. Use power to create opportunity and shape the new generation “hooligan” to play their part responsibly. The next world is increasingly becoming theirs and we have a duty to shape the stewards of our life in retirement. The views of a “Patriot” seem to favour the evolution of a deep state and can only be increasingly dangerous.

Misuse of power will progressively take us backwards.

Deus Kamunyu Muhwezi (PhD)

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