OPINION: The significance of pronoucing the president dead!

KAMPALA — Beliefs have transcended from generation to generation owing to their considerable validity and sense.

Literally, when the people wake up one day only to be told that their once treasured president is dead, it symbolises the state of hopelessness they attach to their president.

It symbolises the negative feelings they have about him and point to the possibility of attempting an assault against his office! It is not the physical death but like the dead body degenerates into the state of rotting, the presidency is at that point rotting!

Like a family with a bedridden mother,father, granny or any other member , once they overstay in the sickness the sick bay turning into home, they wish the patient to rest in peace ! Some find a deliberate shortcut to shorten the prolonged ailment! Politically, they assassinate the patient (president).

It is likely that the patient due to hubris syndrome can still struggle to physically control their family or throne if they were kings! They are unable to enforce the rule of law .

The economy dwindles and degenerates into negatives.

They sanction curfews to silence the population and conceal the state failed organs of government!

They tax the masses, do fundraising, borrow and beg to pay their Protectorate government officials!

Then they next day, why won’t you be literally declared dead!

Why won’t you call a press conference to deny the rumour about your death and threaten the perpetrators of social media news!

They ain’t referring to your physical loss of breath but rather the saltiness in you is long gone and so you should retire from the public eye like the dead before these annoying announcements!

Traditionally, in Africa, if anybody was declared dead and at one point they happened to appear in public, there was a special treat by a herbalist or medicine woman! It was a time to sacrifice to the ancestors, to appease them before accepting you back!You were pitiable and so only rituals could render you clean!
The head of government is there literally denying that he is not dead.


Muhumuza Evarist

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