Owiny-Dollo is a biased judge! Tamale Mirundi weighs in on Bobi Wine petition withdraw

Former presidential press secretary Joseph Tamale Mirundi and NUP president Mr. Wine (PHOTO/Courtesy).

KAMPALA — Former presidential press secretary Joseph Tamale Mirundi has weighed in on the lingering propaganda depicting and misrepresenting the National Unity Platform (NUP) election petition case withdrawal as a contemptuous gesture from Robert

Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine against court.

Speaking at the Pearl FM radio airwaves on Saturday an infuriated Mirundi said it was wrong for the NRM regime to misunderstand why their major challenger is pulling out his case.

“I see people ganging up on Bobi Wine for removing his case. They have to look into the issue beyond excitement,” Mirundi says.

“Bobi Wine is not fighting the judiciary. He is only exposing biased individuals like Owiny Dollo. He cannot reconcile himself with such regime cadres,” Mirundi adds.

He further says that Mr. Wine will do all in his capacity to provoke the militant government into killing masses.

“He will continue with his peaceful civil disobedience and when you kill his supporters, be ready to face off with the Americans,” Mirundi says.

“His armoured vehicle came in mysteriously and exposed loopholes in security. You were wasting time on the US navy ship as Bobi Wine was importing his car. He will bring a chopper and show you how mighty he is. Bobi Wine will continue shaking this government and lead it into trouble with foreign forces,” Mirundi adds.

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