Parliament approves new curriculum

Parliament approves implementation of new curriculum

Education Minister Janet Museveni explains the implementation of the new curriculum implementation to Parliament (PHOTO/File)

EDUCATION NEWS UGANDA— Parliament on Thursday finally gave greenlight to the implementation of the new lower secondary school education curriculum, after explanations given by the minister for education and sports Janet Museveni.

As early as 2:00 pm, Education Minister Janet Museveni was already in the Parliament chambers prepared to present her statement in Thursday’s plenary sitting which started at about 2:55 pm, explaining the implementation of the new curriculum.

The Education Minister, who is also the First Lady, first apologised for not having presented the statement on Tuesday since it was on the Tuesday order paper.

She explained that the mishap arose from the communication from the Clerk to Parliament, which indicated that she was required to present the statement on Thursday.

The minister explained that after Parliament had on February 4, 2020, passed a resolution calling for the halting of the implementation, the education ministry Janet Museveni took the matter to the cabinet to provide guidance.

“We couldn’t halt without getting guidance from the cabinet. After discussions, the cabinet guided that we shouldn’t halt the implementation. We were also advised to continue involving the stakeholders as we implement,” the education minister explained to Members of Parliament.

As the minister was still explaining, Opposition Chief Whip Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda interrupted her with a procedural point, arguing that the Education Minister Janet Museveni was giving justification for the new curriculum instead of giving steps taken in implementing the Parliament resolution.

But the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, guided that the members allow the minister to present her statement because it was too early to determine the content of what she planned to say.

The First Lady and Education Minister explained that the new curriculum should have been implemented last year (2019) but delayed partly due to financial constraints and the need for undertaking enough preparations.

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