Parliament vets, clears Milly Babalanda for Presidency Minister

Mrs. Babirye Milly Babalanda has been cleared for Presidency Minister (PHOTO /Courtesy)

KAMPALA — The Appointments Committee of Parliament has vetted and cleared the appointment of Mrs. Babirye Milly Babalanda to the position of Minister for Presidency.

Mrs. Babalanda who previously served as a senior political advisor and personal assistant to President Museveni replaces Luuka District Woman Member of Parliament Esther Mbayo.

Luuka District Woman MP Ms. Mbayo was dropped by President Museveni.

Babalanda now joins a growing list of other ministers who have been vetted and given a clean bill of health following a vigorous exercise by the Appointments Committee of Parliament.

The Appointments Committee of Parliament is chaired by the Speaker of Parliament and according to rule 155(1) of the Parliament’s Rules of Procedure; the committee is responsible for approving on behalf of parliament, the appointment of persons nominated by the president.

The committee is supposed to comprise of not less than fifteen and not more than twenty members designated by party whips on the basis of proportional party membership in the House taking into consideration the numerical strength of the parties and the interests of Independent members.

The appointments made by the president may be under the Constitution or any other appointment required to be approved by parliament.

The Speaker of Parliament, who is the chair, receives the list of names nominated for appointment on behalf of the committee.

A name is considered approved by the committee if the votes cast in favour of that candidate constitute a simple majority of the committee members present.


The members of the committee are Gen Peter Elwelu(UPDF), John Baptist Nambeshe, Aisha Kabanda and Joseph Ssewungu all from the National Unity Platform whereasformer Leader of Opposition Betty Aol Ochan and Isaias Ssasaga will represent Forum for Democratic Change on the committee.

Others are Alum Santa Sandra(UPC), Peter Okot(DP),Asuman Basaalirwa (JEEMA) and Santa Okot(PPP).

From the ruling NRM party, are 22 MPs on the committee including Joyce Moriku Kaducu, Frank Tumwebaze, Okullu Abuka, Betty Engola, Rose Akello, Dr. Florence Assimwe, Sarah Mateke, Arinaitwe Rwakajara, Fred Kambale, Diana Mutansingwa and Sarah Najjuma.

Others are David Kabanda, Robinah Rwakojo, Cissy Namuju, James Kubeketeriya, Denis Orone, Patrick Aeku, Irene Muloni, Fadil Twalla, Alex Ndezi, Benard Odoi and Catherine Mavenjina.

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