PAUL TAREMWA: Still the great General rises

Paul Taremwa Muhoozi Kainerugaba MK

Patriots Club president Paul Talemwa and Commander Land Forces Muhoozi Kainerugaba (PHOTO /Courtesy)

Maya Angelo started her very popular poem titled still I rise with the following line “you may write me down in history with your bitter twisted lies, you may tread me in the very dirt but still like dust, I rise.” This could not be truer than the case of Mk, the beloved General as some of his admirers call him. When he was silent, they abused him and called him all sorts of things and names and then he only cleared his voice and they are all in panic mode and dis allay. They are employing all the dirty tricks in their bag but in vain. Now, what if he really begins to roar like the lion that he really is?

What his enemies and the cheap and weak politicians don’t realize and I guess their greatest miscalculation is that the more they have tried to throw mud at him to taint him and destroy him is the more they have made him more popular and loved by his supporters and the entire country and East Africa at large.

MK is now a household name! If Uganda was tweeter, then maybe, the MK account might have been suspended for over trending! Better than tweeter though is that Uganda is a country and such popularity against the odds is what transits into votes on election day if ever he chose to be on the ballot. They are definitely at loss on how to stop the unstoppable!

You see, ever since a small section of the people who love and adore general MK chose to celebrate his birthday-(I mention a small section in proportion because the numbers that showed up to celebrate the birthday however big, are a small fraction of the majority that support the humble general. Katandika butandisi!)  Now all the haters and detractors are up in arms not just abusing the man as a person but threatening his followers and the country at large. These anarchists would rather drag the entire country down than see it prosper in the hands other than their own and their sinister plans.

Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba and Members of Patriots Club

But we must educate Ugandans about these anarchists and their dangerous agenda. They are not new; Uganda has had enemies who want it weak and vulnerable. They have been trying to destabilize our country for a long. Under the original general of the revolution General M7, these enemies were defeated and pushed back relentlessly that they accepted defeat. But like hungry hyenas that follow a person praying for their swinging hand to fall off, these opportunists have lurked in the shadows waiting for the time when the old man with the hut who has outsmarted them for these years to call quits so that they strike.

They were banking on the fact that M7 is aging and they thought a weak person would replace him and they would have Uganda for a meal. One can understand their disappointment and dismay, they thought it was about time they succeeded with their mission and that is why the MK question has thrown them off their balance. Now they realize that it’s more than impossible. Now they realize the original General has one who is able to build from the foundations and the gains made and consolidate them for the growth, development, and strengthening of our country, East Africa, and Africa at large. To some; a stable, strong, and peaceful Uganda and East Africa do not go down well with them. But we must have a center of gravity that holds.

Were you among those who were wondering where all these bent on discrediting, humiliating, disorganizing MK are coming from? Then I hope I have given you some brief insight? They are desperate and dangerous and they seem organized and well-funded and will hire so-called “writers”, “journalists”, ”lawyers” and fake politicians to push their agenda. And it seems that their best bet is to try and discredit and destroy the general. Some have called him a Tanzanian, a fake general a daddy’s boy, and all sorts of rubbish they can conjure up.

Popular among these is that Uganda is not a monarch. Granted Uganda is a republic and a democracy at that, but did the USA become a monarch when the Bushes ruled it? Or closer to home, is Kenya a monarch because of the Kenyatta’s? If Uganda was a monarch, would we be having this debate and all the liberty that people have to accuse and abuse freely the president and his son at will? All in the name of freedom of speech?  I hope Ugandans can see through their hypocrisy and evil motives and ignore and reject them like they have done in the past by sticking with Sevo.

These people expose their weakness in that, instead of raising critical issues that help our nation to grow, they focus on attacking the person. That is why President Museveni has remained the people’s choice and that is why they will choose MK. After all, fruit does not fall far from the tree! The youth and the people of Uganda have taken note and are making their choice clear.

Victor Hugo said: “No force on earth can stop an idea whose time has come…” to all Patriotic Ugandans and all who love OUR country, I say the Time for the MK Ideas is here, and no one can stop it! I say the same to our enemies!


Paul Taremwa

Chairperson Patriots Club Uganda (PACU)

For God and my country.

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