Peace, Technology University to open in Karamoja

Catholic Lawyers have pledged to start a peace and technology University in Karamoja (PHOTO/Courtesy)

Catholic Lawyers have pledged to start a peace and technology University in Karamoja (PHOTO/Courtesy)

Catholic lawyers have pledged to start a University of Peace and Technology that will offer mainly Science based courses. The lawyers under their umbrella organisation-the Catholic Lawyers Society International, (CLASI) made the pledge at the launch of their activities at St. Augustine Institute Chapel in Nsambya.

The organization brings together all Roman Catholic lawyers from different walks of life; with core values dedicated to the study and practice of the law. Their mission is justice for all.

The membership association spans across five continents. In Africa, it has deep roots in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Nigeria, South Africa.

President Museveni who was appointed the University chancellor was represented by Vice President Jessica Alupo.

He applauded the organisation for initiating social uplifting programs aimed at improving the well-being of the people.

The President linked transformational enablers like peace and security,
good roads, electricity, low costs of labour, favourable policies, ICT backbone, railways, to Regional and Continental integration of the African as another indispensable factor in this process of transformation.

The launch was preceded by Mass, led by the Rt. Rev. Filippi Giuseppe, Bishop Emeritus of Kotido Diocese who themed his sermon on Peace, Unity, and Justice for all. He is also the Patron of the Society.

The Chief Justice, Alphonse Owiny Dollo who was present at the liturgy and took the 1st church reading thanked the lawyers association for taking on a task that seeks to make a contribution to humanity.

In his deep message of reflection, the Chief Justice said once lawyers are called to judicial law, they must see that Justice is done. He said all Principles of Justice are in the book of God-the Bible, citing the story of the Garden of Eden, where the right of parties to be heard is shown, the Book of Kings which carries the Story of Solomon and manifests the Principle of demeanor and logic, and the principle of testimonies and contradictions in the Book of Daniel.

He urged judicial officials to stand firm in pursuance for Justice for all. “These Biblical principles are principles that all lawyers should use”, Owiny-Dollo counselled.

He also called for traditionally mediated dispute resolutions, especially where elders are involved, in issues such as land disputes, suggesting that such measures can be implemented alongside the court disputed resolutions.

Former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi who accepted to take on the responsibilities of regional and International coordination said “A good name is better than riches, Lawyers should be committed to the clean legal system to fight corruption and credible prosecutors for a better Uganda so that we may live in peace.”

The University-set to open in Kotido, Karamoja sub-region is one of a series of activities that the society launched.

Severino Twinobusingye, the President of the Association outlined some of the activities that were jointly launched; including intervention in the digital revolution, tackling Injustices caused by substandard and falsified medical products on the markets, tackling root causes of slums such as Katanga in Uganda, Kibera in Kenya, Khayelitisha in Cape town, Makoko in Nigeria among others.

The function was attended by among others; the chairperson National Council for Higher Education Prof. Mary Okwakol, Justice Mary okit, Resident Judge of Moroto, Justine Atukwasa, several judicial officers and lawyers.


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