PHOTOS: Buganda Kingdom clan leader shot dead in Lungujja

An angry mob has lynched two armed thugs who shot dead a Buganda clan head in Lugujja, Kampala.

In an incident that happened on Sunday evening, the assailants moving on a motorcycle followed the vehicle of Dan Bbosa, the Ndiga clan head and fired bullets that killed him instantly.

According to eyewitnesses, the bullets were fired from behind the Toyota Land Cruiser, registration number, UAH 637 X and hit Bbosa who was on the driving seat, killing him instantly.

Following the shooting, locals gathered and gave a chase to the two assailants who were moving on a motorcycle.

In the resultant melee, the angry mob surrounded the motorcycle and killed the two assailants instantly

The gun and the motor cycle the assailants used were recovered.

Details to follow

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