PICTORIAL: Museveni, Janet lead praises as Rwabwogo and wife Patience celebrate 20 years in marriage

Odrek and Patience Rwabwogo

President Museveni and First Lady Janet were in attendance as Odrek Rwabwogo and his wife Patience celebrated 20 years in marriage in Kiruhura District on Saturday.

Rwabwogo and Patience wore their wedding attire and served their guests at their village home in Kiruhura.

“I joined Mr and Mrs Odrek Rwabwogo as they celebrated their 20th marriage anniversary in Kiruhura District. I congratulate and thank them for being patient with each other. I also commend them for developing their home village and ask them to add more value to the area’s growth,” Museveni tweeted.

“I truly thank God for bringing Patience and Odrek to 20 years of marriage. And I thank you, Odrek, for keeping your word of loving and taking care of Patience all this time. I pray for more beautiful years in marriage,” Janet Museveni also tweeted.

Agriculture minister Frank Tumwebaze tweeted: “Congratulations Odrek Rwabwogo and Patience on walking that 20 year journey of love & commitment to each other. Wish u many more good years of family happiness & prosperity! We thank God for blessing Maama Janet Museveni and Mzee Kaguta Museveni to see their grandchildren grow.”

Odrek Rwabwogo is an author, entrepreneur and a Special Adviser to Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni.

A graduate of Makerere University and the UK’s University of Wales, Odrek is an expert in leadership communications and runs frequent training seminars where executives share best practices on how to manage and sustain a business.

Along with his wife Patience he has first-hand experience of Uganda’s agricultural sector through running Tomosi’s Farm – encompassing a technical school, dairy plant, feed mill and beef processing facility. Odrek is the proud father of four children and a celebrated author of short stories.

Odrek Rwabwogo was born on September 17, 1969, in Kinoni current Rwesharira Sheema District, western Uganda.

Rwabwogo is the fifth child of a family of seven.

Rwabwogo attended Naama Primary School from he attained his Primary Leaving Education Certificate in 1982, then Kako Secondary School after arriving late for admission at Old Kampala Senior Secondary School.

Odrek sat twice for A’ Level in 1989 and 1990 at Mbarara High School, and after obtaining excellent results, Rwabwogo got admitted to Makerere University to pursue Economics and Political Science.

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