Police arrests man for whipping Museveni sculpture

Police arrests man for whipping Museveni sculpture (PHOTO/Daily Monitor)

Police have arrested a man along Kampala Road after he was found flogging an effigy of a person he accuses of engaging in election malpractice, stating that, “he (President Museveni) should be punished for the crimes he has committed.”

The man who was donned in a black attire took the busy downtown Kampala people by surprise as he shouted with aid of his hand loudspeaker preaching against election malpractice.

It took police about 20 minutes to put the man off the streets as people cheered him on. “We are tired of people who force themselves on us. We know who won the 2021 polls,” Matovu, a Boda rider says.

“What this man has done is the right thing. He is peacefully demanding for what belongs to us,” he adds.

Police have not yet commented on the incident but reliable sources intimate that the man is to be charged with acting as a public nuisance and inciting violence.

President Museveni was announced the winner of the country’s presidential election, extending his 35-year rule but his main rival Bobi Wine alleged fraud and urged citizens to reject the result.

Bobi Wine, 39, galvanised young Ugandans with his calls for political change.

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