PHOTOS: Police ditches white, unveils new traffic police uniform

Police ditches white, unveils new traffic police uniform

KAMPALA — Uganda Police leadership has replaced the white uniform for traffic officers with khaki.

The new traffic police was unveiled by Police political commissar Asan Kasingye at Police Headquarter in Naguru during a weekly brief.

Mr. Kasingye said the changes take effect immediately.

Kasingye said that the logistics and welfare directorates of the police have been spearheading the sewing of a new khaki uniform which has been distributed to all traffic personnel.

The white uniform was initially introduced ahead of the CHOGM in November 2007 in Uganda

The debate to change traffic uniform according to sources started in 2019 after images of traffic officers in tight attires made rounds of social media.

Another reason why police top management decided to adopt khaki which has been for general duty police officers is that some personnel are allegedly shabby and unable to keep the uniforms neat.

Traffic police follow are in category of specialized units just like Counter-Terrorism-CT, Very Important Persons Protection Unit –VIPPU, Field Force Unit –FFU, Marine and Canine which have different uniforms.

Even though traffic officers will be wearing khaki uniform, the Uniforms have specific features purposely to differentiate them from general duty police personnel.

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