Police explain King’s College Budo Tuesday morning fire


KAMPALA — Police fire rescue team is containing a major fire that engulfed Kings College Budo’s Grace House, housing Senior 1 & 3 students.

Images emerged showing the upper parts of the school dormitory engulfed by flames, with a huge smoke massively visible from the roof.

No fatalities reported sofar but students property have been reduced to ashes.

Police said the fire started at around 7pm when students were students were for their morning preps.

“The Police Fire and rescue services have responded to a fire outbreak break at Kings College Budo today in the morning,” Mr. Luke Owoyesigire, spokesperson for Kampala Metropolitan police said on Tuesday morning.

“The fire is believed to have started from one building housing the senior 3 an 1 dormitories at around 7am while students were for their morning preparations . So far, fire and rescue have managed to contain the fire from spreading any further,” he said.

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