Postmortem report: Leg injury killed Gen Lokech

Gen Paul Lokech died on Saturday morning (PHOTO /Courtesy)

KAMPALA — Deputy Inspector General of Police Gen Paul Lokech died from blood clot that were carried into his lungs, leading to subsequent death.

This was disclosed by the Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga in a statement released Sunday afternoon.

Enanga said the postmortem had been done by four pathologists under the witness of Brig. Gen. Dr Stephen Kusasira, the Director Medical Services in the UPDF, the personal Doctor of the late, Dr Ben Khiingi and two family representatives.

Enanga said that a team of pathologists concluded that a fracture on right ankle joint, he gotaround the end of July, 2021 led to his death.

“During the autopsy, the pathologists opened the right lower leg, which got injured, and found a very big blood clot, that had formed in one of the big blood vessels”

“They further opened his chest and found part of the blood clot had been carried into the lungs. As a result, both vessels in the lungs were blocked, thus leading to the shortage in breath and subsequent death. It was thus concluded as death due to natural causes”.

Enanga said that it was a simple fracture which was being managed at RUBY Medical Centre, by an Orthopedic Surgeon’

It is said that the pain in the right leg started increasing in the last 2-3days, and Gen Lokech notified his Orthopedic Surgeon, who scheduled an appointment for him on the 21.08.2021, at around 8.30am -900am.

Indeed at around 7:54 am, Gen Lokech called the Orthopedic Surgeon to reconfirm their appointment but shortly after the call, the Deputy IGP started facing breathing problems and called his personal Doctor, Dr. Ben Khiingi, who rushed to the home, but found him breathing his last and died.

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