Power struggle rocks KCCA as Deputy ED Luyimbazi openly fights Kisaka in latest fallout


Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Executive Director Dorothy Kisaka and her deputy Eng. David Luyimbazi (PHOTO/Courtesy)

KAMPALA – A power struggle is brewing at Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) between Executive Director Dorothy Kisaka and her deputy Eng. David Luyimbazi.

The struggle stems from an attempt by Mr. Luyimbazi to over-step his muscles and in the process usurp Executive Director’s constitutional powers. Sources at KCCA said the deputy executive director is plotting to take over executive powers at the KCCA in breach of the law.

A top official said Mr. Luyimbazi, who according to the Act, is supposed to be subordinate to the Executive Director, is encroaching on Ms. Kasaka’s authority and that his conduct now shows that he is only answerable to Kampala Minister.

Our investigations reveal that Mr. Luyimbazi literally runs daily operations at the KCCA and “he openly undermines Ms. Kisaka”.

For example, Mr. Luyimbazi is working to halt the paving of vendors’ yards in St. Balikudembe Market, a project sanctioned by Ms. Kisaka.

“It has come to my attention that over 10,000 concrete pavers were transported from KCCA Kyanja Concrete Yard to Owino Market for unknown use,” Mr. Luyimbazi wrote in a letter to acting Director Engineering and technical services.

KCCA Deputy Executive Director Eng David Luyimbazi seeks to halt a project sanctioned by Executive Director Dorothy Kisaka (PHOTO /Courtesy).

He added: “Who authorized the activity, the purpose of the concrete pavers at Owino Market, and the budget used for this activity and planned activities or purpose.”

St. Balikuddembe interim chairperson Susan Kushaba in a letter to Ms. Kisaka requested KCCA to help pave a 700M2 yard adjacent to Kafumbe Mukasa Road. The letter was written on Thursday, September 30, 2021, and received by Ms. Kisaka’s office on Friday, October 31, 2021.

“I write to formally request KCCA to pave a yard of approximately 700M2 in Owino Market adjacent to Kafumbe Mukasa road. This area is eroded in a bad state. When it rains, the area floods and becomes muddy. Most of the market area is paved with asphalt unlike this area,” Ms. Kushaba wrote.

“This area is used by women who sit on the ground with their merchandise while trading. The nuisance of dusty, stormwater and the uneven ground surface is a great inconvenience to the poor hardworking women who trade in the area,” he added.

Ms. Kisaka was reportedly impressed by the request and immediately authorized the process and over 10,000 pavers were transported to the place as per request. Sources at KCCA said the development didn’t go with Mr. Luyimbazi who says Ms. Kisaka is working with market interim authorities who aren’t friendly to Kampala Minister.

Mr. Luyimbazi was previously suspended from Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) where he worked as the director of planning over corruption and the controversy that surrounded the tender for the construction of the 74km Mukono-Katosi road.

The Inspectorate of Government controversially exonerated him.

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