PPDA to launch centralized govt contracts management system


Mr Benson Turamye, PPDA Executive Director (PHOTO /UG Standard)

The Public Procurement Disposal of Assets Executive Director, Mr Benson Turamye has revealed that the authority is in final stages of launching a Contract Management System to help members of the public access all the information regarding all Government contracts.

These are applications that will centralise all the government contract portals and can easily be accessed on personal phones and information is passed on in really time.

The advantage here is that the citizens will pass on information so fast to help the State Actors take action immediately so that the Government does not lose money and time.

Mr. Turamye who was speaking during an Anti-Corruption Convention breakfast meeting on Monday held at Fairway hotel in Kampala also emphasised that effective contract management will improve operational performance of state corporations in Uganda.

He gave an example of if the Government funds are allocated say to construct a toilet or a classroom in the parts of Kapchorwa, and the materials used are not standard, a citizen can use the application to inform the state agencies to act immediately.

“The money used for Government projects is tax payer’s money, so citizens need to benefit from their money by demanding for accountability,” he said, adding that “This is where we want again to involve the citizens, the civil society organisations in terms of contract monitoring and where do we start, we start by availing contract documents because you cannot start monitoring the contract without knowing what is within this contract.

“We want the citizens to raise up because these contracts and services they are the ultimate beneficiaries, this attitude of saying these are Government projects should cease and stop today”, he added

Turamye also hinted on the use of life style audit strategy also known as lifestyle checks or lifestyle monitoring – are an accountability tool that can be used to detect and prevent corruption. Such audits are typically conducted when the visible lifestyle or standard of living of an individual appears to exceed their known income level.

He therefore called upon the Media whom he said do interact with these Public Officials, Citizens to come out and report to the State Agencies of corrupt officials so as to eliminate these elements of corruption.

“Life style Audit Strategy is very important in that corruption is done in hiding, two parties will never be seen exchanging bribes but the money that you get out of those bribery actions can be traced through lifestyle audit because you are not going to hide this money in bed, you are going to spend this money and this money will be spent either on investments to construct a mansion, drive a high class vehicle, take your children abroad for studies, the way you relate in the public and splash out cash at wedding, fundraising and at social gatherings ” He added.

The Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Act 1 of 2003 set up the PPDA as the principal regulatory body for public procurement and disposal of public assets in Uganda.

The amendments to the PPDA law have introduced several changes prominent of which is the strengthening and enhancement of the role of PPDA in the execution of its regulatory mandate

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