President’s Office organizes run to enhance safe Labour migration

Amb. Walusimbi urges Ugandans to join migrant Stakeholders Run

The Office of the President, Diaspora Affairs has organised a Migrant Stakeholders Run 2022 Scheduled for Sunday 2nd/ October/ 2022 at Kololo Independence Grounds starting at 6:00am under the theme; “Enhancing Safe Labour Migration”.

While addressing the media at his office, the Senior Presidential Advisor on Diaspora Affairs, Amb. Abbey Walusimbi noted that Migrant Stakeholders Run 2022 is a follow on the High-level Diaspora and Labour Externalization symposium that was organised by his Office in May 2022.

Amb. Walusimbi said that the run will provide a platform for more stakeholders’ engagement to advance the call for safe labour migration and highlight possible ways of addressing the challenges in the sector.

The Labour Externalization sector is still coupled with several challenges which included; delays in clearance of job orders, human rights violations especially on domestic workers, bleach of contractual obligations, work without pay among others.

Amb. Walusimbi addressing the media

Amb. Walusimbi said that despite the challenges, there are a number of success stories that have not attracted media attention and these need to be highlighted.

“The event will as well highlight the different success stories and milestones achieved by the different players within the industry,” Walusimbi revealed.

The Chief Runner will be, The Prime Minister of the Republic of Uganda, Rt. Hon. Robinah Nabbanja.

Several stakeholders  are invited to take part of the event and these include; the general public, the returnees, the migrant workers families and friends, recruitment companies, government Ministries, Departments.

“It is yours and my responsibility to guarantee our daughters, sons, sisters and brothers safety wherever they are,” Walusimbi emphasized.

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