Rajiv Ruparelia donates USD1000 to support children Art work at Sankara Foundation

Rajiv Ruparelia buys art piece from Sankara Foundation Children

Business mogul, Rajiv Ruparelia has offered to support children at Sankara Foundation to boost their life skills and talent.

Rajiv began by buying an African design Art piece created and designed by children at the foundation as well as offering them an open permission to train football at Kampala Parents pitch.

The Businessman bought the art piece at USD1000 and promised to display the paint at one of his apartments to publicize the art work of these children.

“I am honored to receive a paint which was painted for me by the kids; what inspired me is that its not Sankara doing it but he has trained the kids to do it which means that he is transferring the skill to the next generation,” Rajiv said.

Rajiv noted that, “I will put this in one of my apartments so that it gets visibility and helps you build your career and a lot of confidence in you guys.”

The business tycoon noted that it’s good to keep the young generation with diversified skills which will help them earn a living.

Thomas Sankara the Founder of Sankara Foundation which empowers kids mostly residing in refugee camps with hands-on skills including fashion, tailoring and Sports appreciated Rajiv for his big heart and the support which is an inspiration to the young generation.


Sankara said that the foundation is taking care of over 100 children but its operations have been hit by the covid-19 lockdown measures but he is optimistic that they will soon get back on feet once the lockdown is totally lifted.

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