Record TV closes in Uganda

Record TV closes in Uganda

Record TV, a commercial television broadcaster in Uganda has closed its operations in Uganda effective March 31, 2021. The TV was owned by a 67-year-old television company based in Sanpaolo, Brazil but with multiple channels across five continents, it has operated in Uganda for 15 years.

Ezekiel Motoseneng, the Managing Director of Record TV Network Uganda explained that most advertisers especially on the European Market, that feed the record TV network was adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic eventually affecting their commercial strength to operate a TV station in Uganda.

Motosoeneng said the closure of the TV station was also partly because the broadcaster could not achieve their targets in Uganda, and as a result, the shareholders choose to focus their interests elsewhere. He added that arrangements have been made to ensure that advertisers and staffs are duly compensated.

Emmanuel Sanya, the head of Communications at Record TV says that the decision will affect at least 32 members of staff who, however, have been compensated with a payment of three months salary as the company winds up business. He said they had gone through all the necessary discussions with their employer and all the staff are satisfied with the terms and conditions.

A staff who requested not to be named said it was a difficult time for them now that they have been laid off but added that they were ready to move on.

However, Record Radio, the sister organization to Record TV will remain in business, according to Kasinamaone Tawanda, the Radio’s Managing Director.


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