Rejected Jacob Oulanyah gives up on speakership, pleads for a ministerial position


Oulanyah abandons Parliament (PHOTO/Courtesy).

Having received a bitter reception and detecting that he is headed for an ugly and shaming defeat in the speakership race, Jacob Oulanyah has now flip flopped to pleading to President Museveni for a ministerial position, impeccable sources say.

Described by most legislators as incompetent, weak and biased who has severally exhibited ineptitude in matters managing parliament has for two days, according to sources, been contacting some top CEC members to help him secure a ministerial position.

“He is so scared and frightened after being rejected by both the incoming MPs and those who returned from the 10th parliament where he completely failed to perform,” source said.

“He has since reached out to the SG to talk to Mzee for his rescue since he is too ashamed to work again with Kadaga whom he has falsely been accusing of a number of things,” he added.

Of the 265 MPs who have since been sworn-in, 238 have already declared to vote Kadaga come Monday next week.

However, his bid for a ministerial position is also likely to hit a dead end since inability to perform both in parliament and constituency is a public known.

“The president can’t associate with such a failure especially now that even his home area (Northern Uganda) has isolated him. His public reputation is the worst, he can’t be a minister,” adds the source.

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