Serere man threatens to sue RDC, LCV boss over land mismanagement

Small Claims Procedure

Serere RDC and LCV chairperson have been on notice for backing fraudulent land transaction (PHOTO/Courtesy).

Moses Omiat, one of the landlords in Serere district has instructed his lawyers of Kania and Advocates and Solicitors to take legal action against Mr. Stephen Ochola ,Serere District Local Council 5 Chairperson and Mr. Ivan Namoma Serere Deputy Resident District Commissioner (RDC) for defamation

According to the press release issued by Omiat’s lawyers , the said statements were made two the public by the two officials on a High court judgement of Omiat Moses versus Serere District Local Kana Government and 4 Others
at a Baraza on accountability organized by the office of the Prime Minister at Bugondo Sub County Headquarters on
29th March, 2023.

“We would also like to rebut statements made to the press by the Serere
District Local Government RDC, Ms. Nakamya Harriet about the same
Judgment and the eviction of the trespassers that was ordered by the
Court. In a widely circulated broadcast, the said LCV Chairperson of Serere
District made baseless and unsubstantiated allegations that the Soroti High Court Judge was unfair and biased in arriving at his Judgment.”

The judgement decreed that 150 acres
of customary land at Kasilo village, Kamod Parish, Bugondo Sub County,
Serere District belongs to Mr. Omiat

That they went further to allege that
the evidence that the trespassers’ ancestral ownership of our client’s land is the alleged existence of over 100 year old graves on the land which the lawyers say that None of those is true.

“In his statement, the same LCV Chairperson also insinuated that the High Court’s
Judgment was obtained through our client’s manipulation of the Court process for purposes of perverting the true ownership of the said land .He surmised that ur client is too young to own the disputed land.”

Omiat acuses the Deputy RDC Serere District for vowing not to evict the majority of thousands from his land because of one person yet the said tresspassers are less than a thousand.

“It is quite unfortunate that politicians and senior civil servants who would be
expected to be at the helm of promoting respect for Judicial decisions and the
rule of law have taken to undermining decisions of the Courts, to making
statements that mock and belittle decisions of the Courts and to inciting the public to disrespect and disregard Court orders.”

Efforts to reach the officials accussed has been futile since by press time non of them was picking calls.



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