RICHARD M. KAVUMA: New driving permit company passes first test

New driving permit company passes first test

KAMPALA — This is a follow-up on my experience trying to renew my driving permit at the new Uganda Driver Licensing System.

UDLS had promised to call me once the licensing system was finally able to read the NIRA system, custodians of our National ID data.

So I kept watching my phone for any missed calls with 0414… or 0312 . Nothing.
Instead I got a tweet from @UDLSOfficial.
On 15 March, a week after my first visit to the Uganda Railways/UDLS headquarters, I returned and quickly made my way past the security checks. I was armed with my receipt from the bank, my original expired
permit and my National ID.

After going through another metal-detector security check, I was advised to follow the yellow arrows on the concrete floor into the permit issuance area.
Within just over 20 minutes of sitting down in the spacious hall, I had my permit.

The whole set up is well-organised and, for the most part, the polite staff were sufficiently welcoming.
So, I would like to congratulate UDLS for a fine start.

Here are a few suggestions:
The queues at the computer points can be better managed. There seemed to be clear mechanism in place to ensure that those who came first were served first.

Secondly, the waiting area where permits are issued would benefit a loud speaker. The ladies behind the glass counters certainly do a good job trying to raise their voices to be heard, but a basic speaker
system would do them no harm.

UDLS should also consider setting up a toll-free call centre to answer questions from around the country.

Finally, the men and women in uniform on the premises are certainly appreciated, but some could be more courteous. Perhaps they could do with tailored training in customer care.

Otherwise, UDLS is showing a lot or promise; hope they will keep improving.

If UDLS were applying for a driving license and I was the licensing authority, I would give them the permit.

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