Robert Kabushenga resigns from Vision Group

Robert Kabushenga

Robert Kubushenga has resigned his position

KAMPALA — Robert Kabushenga has resigned as Chief Executive Officer of Vision Group Friday, after days of speculation as to his future with the media group.

The announcement was made Friday in an email to staff but sources said he has been asked to step down over failure to demonize National Unity Platform Presidential candidate, Robert Kyagualanyi aka Bobi Wine and failure to handle contain the November riots.

Among the things which angered the appointing authority was Kabushenga’s failure to conceal the death toll from Free Bobi Wine protests which soared to over 100 and yet the government preferred this information to be hidden from the public especially the foreign donors.

“This is to let you know that for personal reasons I have asked the Board for an early retirement and this has been accepted,” Kabushenga wrote.

“”I am proud of the success we achieved and the impact we have had in society. This was possible because we worked together as a team. For me, it was an absolute honor and pleasure to have done so.”

Kabushenga said he would oversee a 90-day transition, as requested by the Board, before moving on.

He is an advocate of the High Court of Uganda and a member of the Uganda and East African Law Societies.

Before joining Vision Group, Kabushenga served as the Executive Director of the Uganda Media Centre, a public affairs department in the office of the President Government of Uganda.

In this role, he worked as a government spokesman and was responsible for government communications.

Kabushenga had earlier worked as Board Secretary for the New Vision PPCL for three years until 2005, Company Secretary and Legal Officer of this company as well as Legal and Administration Officer of the Monitor Publications Ltd and also the Chief Executive Director of Vision Eye Institute Ltd.

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