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Royal Palms Estate Butabika: Providing luxury homes at affordable rates

For the last 10 years, Nationwide Properties Limited under its brand, the Royal Palms, has been building residential properties across Kampala, Uganda, in both ‘rental’ and the ‘for sale’ markets.

They have built over 500 luxurious residential houses in Mulago, Kololo and Nasakero, Mbuya and now Butabika.
Some of the houses have been bought while others are available for rent.

Currently, the available slots are at Royal Palms Estate, Butabika, which was launched in 2011 to provide luxury homes at affordable prices.

Royal Palms Estate, Butabika has developed over the years with Aries Court, Taurus Court, Leo Court and Virgo Court being the fourth phase in the Estate.

So far, more than 300 homes have now been developed and sold along with some of the best facilities, road networks, a school, shops and restaurants in the area. The project has the aim of selling more homes and apartments whilst maintaining the already high standards set for the estate.

“Royal Palms Butabika gives you a home where you will settle with your family for generations and is located in a secure community and neighborhood with a serene environment,” the company says.

Unlike many building companies that dictate for their customers, Royal Palms Butabika gives every customer a chance to design and decorate their home interiors the way they would wish.

At Royal Palms Butabika, the company only provides a fully complete house with fitted wardrobes and properly stationed kitchen and it’s up to a customer to bring household items.

“You simply need to bring your furniture and beds in a fully painted house with tiled floors. The widows and doors are also properly fitted, so basically the house is just ready for you to occupy. All you need is to decorate and design it the way you like,” says the company.

The estate does not only come with a real life style destination but also a pool of luxurious amenities, including swimming pools, a kid’s park, and a tennis court.

For those who value a peaceful and quiet environment, this is the best opportunity. The estate is enclosed with adequate space of close to 5km, meaning someone can enjoy an evening walk or run around without interference from cars and motorists or any worries of being attacked by thieves.

Royal Palms has a park, a horse riding school, a children’s play area, three swimming pools and tennis courts. It really has a life style destination and these places are peaceful, quiet and secure. Generally, you’re not living near bars or loud churches. You’re not worried about walking at night because there is enough security and space. There are no boda bodas, and no confusion inside because the area is enclosed. Once inside, you are safe and secure as you in an organised community.

On top of selling the houses, Nationwide Properties Limited also keeps a close watch on them and in case of any structural problems, they go back to the buyers and fix them.
Besides, the companies says the houses it sells are strong enough to last even more than 50 years without needing to be renovated.

Over the years, many of the company’s first time customers have recommended their colleagues because they have lived in the house and proved it is good.

Nationwide Properties Limited believes that for every home sold, they would be happy to live in it as developers. They also believe in providing good quality homes to our customers.

“At Nationwide Properties, our approach to building new homes is based on a unique set of principles that ensure we are the country’s premier developer in the residential sector,” the company says.

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