Rwanda parades Ugandan businessman over UGX.400m fake gold deal


Ugandan businessman Conary Mugisha speaks to Rwandan media as he was paraded by Rwanda Investigation Bureau in Kigali on June 4 (PHOTO /Courtesy).

Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) on Friday, June 4, paraded to the media a Ugandan businessman —suspecting him to have defrauded Gorah Metal Trading—a Dubai-based firm—which sought to buy gold from Kigali.

Conary Mugisha (33) reportedly posed as a Rwandan gold dealer —forging a number of Rwandan documents including the National Identity Card, according to Rwanda state media.

“I was working for a logistics company in Uganda called Unifreight and a gentleman approached me and asked me to help him scam a Dubai-based investor because I was experienced in clearing and shipping,” he was quoted by State Media at the Kigali Metropolitan Station where he was paraded.

After sending videos and documents showing that he is a Rwandan gold dealer, Goran Metal Trading sent him money to buy and ship the products.

In total, Mugisha reportedly received $116,000. He then travelled to Kigali, withdrew the money.

Gorah Metal Trading never heard from him again.

Following various failed attempts to reach him, Gorah Metal Trading sent one of its workers to Kigali to follow up.

According to RIB, the Gorah Metal Trading employee reported the case. RIB picked up the case.

Authorities in Kigali said Rwanda is on the watch and will not allow fraudsters to undermine its efforts to make the country an investment hub.

According to Rwanda’s Penal Code, upon conviction, he/she is liable to imprisonment for a term of not less than five years but not more than seven years and a fine of not less than Rwf3 million and not more than Rwf5 million or only one of these penalties.”

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