Senior educationist Jonathan Kivumbi throws boots at Minister Muyingo over extortion, undermining UNEB, PUJAB

Higher Education State Minister, John Chrysostom Muyingo (PHOTO /Courtesy)

KAMPALA — Popular education analyst, Jonathan Kivumbi has hit at State Minister for Higher Education Dr. John Chrysostom Muyingo—listing a litany of his alleged transgressions ranging from, conflict of interest to dubiously extorting money from parents with impunity.

Dr. Muyingo is the proprietor of Seeta schools, among which include, Seeta High School Mbalala campus; Seeta High School, Green campus; Seeta High School, Main campus, and Seeta High School, Excel campus, and he has been in the spotlight—with some reports linking his schools to examination malpractice among others.

In a missive, published on, a popular Uganda’s online news hub and a repository for public opinions, Mr. Kivumbi has since castigated Minister Muyingo—accusing him of both usurping and undermining institutions like Uganda National Examinations Board and Public Universities Joint Admissions Board (PUJAB) and in the process unfairly exploiting parents, guardians and government’s credibility to regulate private players.

“Precisely, when UNEB and PUJAB, come up with clearly specified charges for their services, and one of your ministers, Dr. John Chrysostom Muyingo, who also doubles as the chief executive officer (CEO) of Seeta pre-primary, primary, and high schools, sets a fee that is higher than the one set by UNEB, or PUJAB, this is considered a normal practice, and so, in appreciation of his actions, you even decide to reward him with a ministerial position, for a third term, in a row?, Mr. Kivumbi wrote in a lengthy missive also shared to the Office of the President, Parliamentary Education Committee including the First Lady and Education of Minister and Sports.

He added: “And if, in your opinion, this is not corruption (call it, BROAD-DAY THEFT), then, what is it, sir? So, Your Excellency, if a person meant to fight for the rights and plight of others, specifically, the rights of the voiceless, is the one taking the lead in EXPLOITING them, then, whom should the average person, run to, under such a situation, surely?”

Mr. Kivumbi asserts that Dr. Muyingo who is a former headteacher at Uganda Martyrs’ Secondary School Namugongo, is conflicted—reasoning he can’t regulate a business in a sector, where he has vested interests.

Dr. Muyingo owns Seeta high schools, and they are now four in number with a total enrollment of approximately 6,500 students, all combined. He is also the proprietor and CEO of Kakoola High School, Luweero. Dr. Muyingo is also one of the brains currently behind Forest Hill College, Mukono.

And recently, he has opened up three primary sections under the name Seeta Junior School and also has a Kindergarten wing with two branches.

“…. Your Excellency, do you expect Dr. Muyingo, to assist a parent of Hormisdallen Primary School, who was charged twice for her daughter’s UNEB registration, in 2019 (moreover, up to a tune of shs. 700,000/-, since the school officially charges shs. 350,000/-, for the service), yet, even he (Dr. Muyingo), himself, is doing the same, that is extorting money from parents in his schools, as well”, Kivumbi added in his highly circulated write up. (Link attached“.

He added: “For goodness sake, Your Excellency, how is Dr. Muyingo going to table a motion before cabinet, or in one of the ministry’s meetings, discussing the issue of the unbearable exploitation going on in schools (both public and private), countrywide, yet he is a culprit, himself?”

“So, in this regard, Your Excellency, to whom should the aggrieved parent, guardian, or sponsor, of St. Mary’s Boarding Senior Secondary School Kitende, who has already been charged three times the amount charged by PUJAB, run to, for rescue, aware of the fact that even the minister, himself, meant to come to this parent’s rescue, is, in fact, ROBBING him/her of his/her hard-earned money in Seeta high, as well?”.

Dr. Muyingo is condemned alongside other private players including St. Mary’s Boarding Senior Secondary School, Kitende and Hormisdallen Schools—with Mr. Kivumbi blowing the whistle to anti-corruption agencies including Col. Edith Nakalema of State House Anti-Corruption Unit and the Inspector General of Government Beti Kamya to save parents, from the alleged unbearable extortion.

Mr. Kivumbi has previously authored and reported officials to President Museveni and Education minister Janet Museveni. His recent writings also published by caused bated breaths at UNEB and NCDC with sources confirming top officials are on course to fall.

We contacted Dr. Muyingo on Sunday, September 19, 2021 to ask him about alleged transgressions but his known phone contacts went unanswered for all the attempts we tried raising him.

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