Sennyonga wants fellow Pastor prosecuted

KAMPALA– The head of Christian Life Church Makerere Kavule, Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga , has asked the office of the  Director of Public Prosecutions to re-instate a closed file from some of the Youths that are accusing  a fellow city Pastor of sodomizing them.

    Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga addressing the press on Friday.

Ssenyonga noted that its unfair to prefer charges of Criminal tress pass against the alleged victims after closing the main file.

Addressing the media on Friday, Pr. Ssenyonga noted that in essence of justice, both sides ought to be heard to have the truth known at conclusion of these files.

“while there are likely to be some boys who may want to take advantage of the situation to make money, it is also important for DPP to know that there are also boys who are insisting that they were actually sodomized and hence deserve to be heard”

Pr sennyonga rubbished the allegations that he paid these youths with intent to tarnish the name of his counterpart  saying that as a Christian leader who has for several years been outspoken on various ills taking place in some Pentecostal churches in the country, he was approached by the alleged victims seeking help over the wounds they secured as a result of sodomy acts upon them.

“These young men showed me WhatsApp communication between one of them with the Pastor whose mobile number I knew it was, and in such messages the young men alleged that Pr. Kayanja had sodomized them, that they were injured, required treatment and demanded money from him.”

Pr. Sennyonga also informed that he tried to engage his counterpart to have these issues amicably solved, but he instead failed to honor the various meetings.

On the other hand , Ssenyonga Ssenyonga however praised the outstanding work by the , Director of The Directorate of Public Prosecution
(DPP) in administering justice to countless Ugandans, describing her work as exceptional, unequivocal and exemplary.

Efforts to get a comment from the other parties have not yielded any result. We promise to publish their version as soon as they respond to our calls.



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