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Serengeti National Park intensifie fight against poaching

The exceptional wildebeest migration is a wondrous movement of about 2 million animals mainly comprising of wildebeest and some zebras and gazelles in two of Africa’s extraordinary safari destinations (PHOTO/Courtesy)

Serengeti District Authorities in Mara Region have vowed to continue with fight against poaching in the world famous Serengeti National Park. Serengeti District Commissioner (DC), Dr. Vicent Mashinji cautioned that stern measures will be instituted to any person who will be caught committing such illegal act in the park.

The DC sounded the warning when he handed over prizes to the 2021 Serengeti Migration Marathon winners held in Mugumu recently. He also cautioned against warned invading wildlife conservation areas and grazing inside the park a home to variety of beautiful animals including the big five and great wildebeest migration. “We are very serious in protecting our national park (Serengeti National Park), the issue of conservation is a must and should not be regarded as political issue”, the DC warned.

The Serengeti Migration Marathon which includes an anti-poaching run is an annual event held to enhance anti-poaching campaigns in Western Serengeti. The 2021 Serengeti Migration Marathon was sponsored by several partners including Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS). “The benefits of Serengeti Migration Marathon are many they include encouraging citizens to take part in domestic tourism, but more importantly to end poaching acts”, FZS Project Manager, Ms. Masegeri Rurai said during the event.

With its headquarters in Germany, FZS is an international conservation organization with a significant contribution to the sustainable conservation of the Serengeti ecosystem for many years now. The annual anti-poaching marathon creates an opportunity for local communities to get conservation education, Mr. Rurai also observed.

The two-day anti-poaching marathon was organized by Serengeti Tourism College (SETCO) through Serengeti Tourism Sports Agency (SETSA). “We also want people to know that wildebeest migration is a huge tourist attraction in Serengeti National Park”, SETCO Managing Director, Mr. Samwel Nyankogoti said. The marathon attracted hundreds of people from all walks of life. Winners were awarded various prizes including cash.

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