Shamim Walusimbi elected new Vice Chairperson Human Resource Managers Association

Shamim Walusimbi

Shamim Walusimbi, Uganda’s Certified Recruitment and Selection Specialist (CRSS)has been declared as the new Vice Chairperson of the Human Resource Managers’ Association of Uganda (HRMAU) after successfully being voted upon by members during the general assembly.

During the Governing Council elections which were held on Friday, Shamim won against other two contestants having garnered 188 votes out of 299 more than what the rest scored.

In her acceptance speech posted on her Linkedin account, Shamim appreciated the members who have entrusted her with the huge responsibility promising that she will do her best to serve the association better and steer the members to greater heights.

“I am happy for this great milestone in life, thanks to all of you for the support and trust. To my mentors and partners, you have molded and shaped me into the leader that you see her today, I am incredibly indebted,” Walusimbi noted.

She added that, “Through the vote of the HRMAU members, God gas granted me the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to human advancement which will be championed by the HR fraternity.”

As highlighted in her manifesto, Shamim is set to promote peer to peer mentorship and transform the HR practice as the Vice President of HRMAU through working with the GC to promote standardization of practical and internationally recognized automated tools and processes designed to enhance HRs operational efficiency.

She promises to effectively monitor the human resource practice impacts through multi-sectoral analysis to ensure the transformation of the practice in Uganda.

Shamim’s LinkedIn account

“Monitoring the impact of HR best practices on the public through effective systems, processes and metrics is the best chance we have at effectively contributing to this goal. We need a multi-sectoral analysis of the underlying issues, to enable us to move forward. This is my mission, which, with your help, I will customize to my niche-HR best practice,” she said.

Shamim pledges to combat any kind of discrimination and exclusion in order to reduce inequalities that undermine the potential of the individual in the practice.

Other leaders that were voted upon include; Bbosa K Ronald (President), Doreen Asaasira (Secretary General), Nakimuli Moureen (Director, Public Relations & Marketing), John Barasa (Director, Finance), Andrew Kawesa Ssebwalunyo (Director, Professional Development), James Walusimbi (Director, Programs), Stellah Mbekeka (Committee Member), Joyce Nakalema (Committee Member), Leticia Iguma (Committee Member), Sharifah Nabatanzi (Student Representative).

“To all the candidates that were nominated for the various positions, do not forget to tell your story, inspire the leaders of tomorrow… Remind them to START building their track record NOW. Tell them, “Live every day like the kind of leader you’d like to become. Let your legacy be created by your actions.
Leave No One Behind.” Shamim advised.

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