Shamim Walusimbi Set to Transform HR Practice as Vice President Managers Association

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Shamim Walusimbi Uganda’s Certified Recruitment and Selection Specialist (CRSS) is set to give a new image of the Human Resource profession in the country upon election as the Vice President of Human Resource Managers’ Association of Uganda (HRMAU).

The association that brings together over 800 Human Resources Practitioners, academia, Community-based Human Resources, Development Partners, Private, Public, and Non-Governmental Human Resource Professionals across the country is set to hold its Governing Council (GC) elections this Friday 29th April, 2022.

Walusimbi who is the outgoing Director of Public Relations of the association brings with her credible and dependable leadership which she has exhibited over time.

During her tenure in leadership, Walusimbi leveraged on technology to champion HRMAU’s explosive digital brand transformation that is currently felt which has enhanced visibility and reputation of the HRMAU agenda.

Walusimbi boasts for being part of the effort to pass the HR Bill into an act, creating a multiplier effect on membership growth and engagement.

Not only did Shamim support in the launch of the HRM SACCO which promotes HR’s financial wellbeing, and the HR Funhouse which provides psychosocial support and networking opportunities to HR Professionals, she continues to provide strategic and advisory support to many subsets of HR professionals.

“I am the best candidate in this race given my background in HR client relations, familiarity with the HR fraternity at an interpersonal level and my deep understanding of the Governing Council operations,” Walusimbi said.

She added that, “I am positioned as a passionate, analytical and committed professional and trend setter, who desires to promote peer to peer mentorship and transform the HR practice as the Vice President of HRMAU through working with the GC to promote standardisation of practical and internationally recognized automated tools and processes designed to enhance HRs operational efficiency, and therefore spark the rise of worldwide transformational leaders in the public.”

She promises to effectively monitor the human resource practice impacts through multisectoral analysis to ensure the transformation of the practice in Uganda.

“Mentoring the impact of HR best practices on the public through effective systems, processes and metrics is the best chance we have at effectively contributing to this goal. We need a multi-sectoral analysis of the underlying issues, to enable us to move forward. This is my mission, which, with your help, I will customize to my niche-HR best practice,” she said.

Shamim pledges to combat any kind of discrimination and exclusion in order to reduce inequalities that undermine the potential of the individual in the practice.

“My pledge to leave no one behind is deeply embedded in the heart of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It’s the Principal 2 that is aimed at combating any form of discrimination, exclusion and reducing inequalities as well as vulnerabilities that leave people behind and undermine the potential of individuals and humanity as a whole,” she said.

Shamim Walusimbi holds certificates in Strategic HR Management, Training of Trainers from the Uganda Management Institute (UMI), public relations management, among others.

She holds an MBA in HR Management from Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, which was awarded to her under a Presidential Scholarship Program. She has recently been offered a scholarship to pursue her Ph.D – Doctorate of Philosophy – Business Administration from UNICAF University.

She is a certified G4G mentor, who aims at empowering others to lead.

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