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Sheraton Kampala Hotel hosts Latin Fiesta again!

Latino Fiesta

Guests who turned up in dozens took turns on the dance floor to twirl and step to salsa music at the first Latino Fiesta night (PHOTO /Courtesy).

KAMPALA — September and October sales and bookings at Sheraton Kampala Hotel are rubbing shoulders with pre-pandemic levels— with surge in pent-up demand, revenge travel and revenge eating setting in, which is expected to continue through the new year, General Manager, Jean-Philippe Bittencourt told

Speaking at the sidelines of Latino night hosted by Sheraton Kampala Hotel on Saturday, the first of its kind since Covid-19 disrupted the sector, Bittencourt said numbers are starting to shoot up and “we are very optimistic that things are improving and will continue to improve more and more.”

“We can see the number of events and people at the hotel are increasing and will continue to increase until the end of the year and in 2022 because its the period people organize social events such as weddings, anniversaries and companies are also organizing now,” he said.

The hospitality sector was among the worst hit since the pandemic, with mass closures, large scale job losses and two waves of the pandemic. But with easing of restrictions, increased vaccination and lower Covid-19 cases, occupancies and dine-ins have been improving steadily post August.

Bittencourt says lifting of the curfew will be very important for the industry too ahead of a very busy season.

The Latino Fiesta night

Latin Fiesta is aimed at celebrating and experiencing the Latin culture including their music, dance and food (PHOTO /Courtesy).

Sheraton Hotel Kampala on weekend saw a return of the much sought-after event, the Latino Fiesta Night as the hotel slowly brings back events it had halted two years ago.

Several guests clad in Latin Contemporary joined the party to celebrate Latin Culture at Sheraton Hotel and experienced all the beauty and richness that the Latin Culture has to offer and groove the night away.

At event, we all saw the need that people need to have good time to entertain themselves and of course, curfew is the only limit.

“This is a very particular moment that we are reopening for our normal activities after this long period of Covid-19 pandemic,” Bittencourt said, revealing that Sheraton Kampala Hotel has brought back such number of events that’s had stopped two years ago due to Covid 19 disruptions.

“Today especially is the Latino night which we have done in the past, this is the 40th Edition”.

“Latino Night is an occasion for people to enjoy together, to have good drinks with some spices from the Caribbean, from Cuba, Mexico and all other Latin America countries.

“We have a group of Latino dancers, they dance the Salsa. We’re inviting whoever wants to join. Its real party time.

“We are creating an atmosphere and ambiance for people to enjoy”

Bittencourt told that the event will be hosted every month.

“Its a very accessible place. Entrace is UGX. 70000 per person with a drink and some bites”.

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