SLAVERY IN MODERN EDUCATION: The on-going human extinction in education

John Kamurinde is the author of the slavery in modern education (PHOTO /Courtesy)

KAMPALA — The major crisis in modern education is not the lack of skill and knowledge, it is the failure of the educator and the educated to define education, the inherent relationship between education and humanity, to ascertain the status of education in the human drama. Simply put, education is a journey in self-discovery.

It is an adventure in a deeper human revelation thus it can be stated that education is a lifelong human companion and therefore education and man are simultaneous and have got the same destiny.

To think otherwise is what constitutes slavery. Man, stumbles in the face of corruption, bad governance among others because education to him is nothing other than an enterprise, a scheme with no origins in the self.

The destiny of education is not skilling, it is not an enterprise. Education ends and begins in self- realization.

The dilemma in modern education is that there is a steady displacement of man from the table of education by the markets, the markets have become the authors of education. Whereas market principles are important, an education driven by the same is not sustainable as it is devoid of the human basic structure that is
-Joy etc. thus an education that does not offer these basics is slavery.

It follows therefore that ubuntu is an imperative in the education journey because what sustains a graduate in the realm of corruption, governance and constitutionalism etc. is not skill but this constant dialogue between the self and the reality of life, the predominance himself or herself over temptations to self-slavery such as corruption, bad governance and exploitation.

An education predominated by the markets only produces a synthetic graduate and subsequently poses an existential threat to man.

Education is a journey in the meaning of existence. Skill and capital are mere steps in this journey. This hypothesis is absent in the modern education and this explains why the graduate has easily fatigued in the face human vices.

Education no longer presents itself as an attraction to ordinary men and women because the products of modern education are mere agents of market interests and anti-human causes.

This explains the coming revolution across the world against the educated and education. A revolution rooted in an education that has lost a human trajectory. Skill though important doesn’t constitute the primary purpose of education.

Education has become a major vector of human vices such as corruption etc. simply because what is communicated to students by the educators is not authentic. Both the educator and the student are deficient in self-development, they lost grip of the human basic structure and its relevancy in education.


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