SMACK Old Boys asked to intervene as Bobi Wine unloads on school headmaster over discriminative treatment of his son

Opposition leader Robert Kyagulanyi (L) demolished Dr. Deodati Aliganyira (R) SMACK Headmaster for taunting his son ( Solomon Kampala (m)

KAMPALA — Opposition leader Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine, on Saturday launched a scathing criticism of the head master of St Mary’s College Kisubi (SMACK), Br Deodati Aliganyira, whom he accused of presiding over what he described as discriminative treatment of his son Solomon Sekayi Kyagulanyi.

In a speech delivered during the Parents Association Meeting (PTA) at the school on Saturday, March 19, 2022, the National Unity Platform president for publicising all over the media the suspension of Sekayi, allegedly over being in possession of drugs.

SMACK, a Catholic Church founded school, on February 1 suspended Sekayi for two weeks for acting contrary to the school’s policy on “zero-tolerance for indiscipline.”

According to Bobi Wine, whereas the school had promised to provide him with CCTV camera footage as evidence of the boy having the drugs, when he and his wife Barbie went to school for the same, they were told that the footage mysteriously disappeared.

He also claimed that whereas the head teacher had promised not to publicise the matter, he was shocked to see the story in newspapers and other online sites.

He also accused the school head master of denying the son a chance to stand for a prefectorial position.
“That young man had been reporting to me a pattern of segregation and targeting on him. When all these issues came up, the head teacher told me that for a child to be a leader in this school, he must be an A-student and not an average student like my son,” he said amid cheers from the other parents.

“We raise our students to be leaders. My young man always hoped to stand for an elective position in this school… but this one day, he came crying to me at home that the headmaster had blocked him from standing,” Bobi Wine claimed.

Bobi Wine’s remarks have since drawn public condemnation, with many people going to social media to air out their views. Fred Mwebya asked the school to publcialy apologise to Bobi Wine and his son.
“Politics aside, the management of SMACK should apologize to Bobi Wine and all parents for this mess and correctly ask the HM/Fr. to step aside because no single individual is bigger than an established institution. Let’s start from there,” he said.

Andrew Omara tweeted: “The HM of SMACK should just emulate Rev Father Grimes who refused to hand over Tony Akaki (President Milton Obote’s son ) to Soldiers of Okello Junta after the 1985 coup! Such is the strength and character of a Headmaster, should be above politics & protect most the vulnerable.”
Satirical novelist Kakwenza Rukirabashaija tweeted: “I applaud Bobi Wine for openly standing up against bullies at SMACK. Opposition MPs should have done the same when the bleached bumlicker of Museveni, deputy speaker Anita Among, bullied Zaake to censure.”

“As a citizen, and as one whose brother is a SMACK alumnus, I implore the Old Boys’ Association of that great school to take exception to the HM’s deplorable complicity in the harassment of a child. Let us avoid conspiracies of silence. They only serve to embolden oppression,” Andrew Karamagi, a lawyer and human rights activists tweeted.

Hillary Bamulinde tweeted: The era of the likes of Hajj Kawaase (Kibuli SS), Dr. Peregrine Kibuuka (Namilyango), Mr. Busulwa (Buddo) etc is long gone, these guys protected their students like their own children, poor or rich, you got similar treatment. Nowadays everything is a deal.”

The management of SMACK could not immediately comment on the matter.

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