Social media wants to lynch me! Andrew Mwenda seeks CID protection as rape accusations take fresh twist

Andrew Mwenda Sheebah

Andrew Mwenda and Singer Sheebah (PHOTO /Courtesy)

KAMPALA — Desperate veteran journalist Andrew Mwenda has sought protection from Police’s Criminal Investigations Directorate—saying social media wants to “lynch me” over rape allegations.

“I have talked to the director of CID who has agreed to open a case to find out the person who allegedly raped singer Sheeba Kalungi. Police are going to call her and ask her to reveal the offender. Sheeba is being disingenuous in hiding the true rapist as social media lynch me,” Mwenda wrote as social media commentators continue to link him to the case.

He added: “She (Sheebah) is abusing all those women who suffer that the hands of mean men who rape them, by turning a grievous offense into publicity stunt for herself. Uganda police should pick interest in why Sheebah, a self proclaimed victim of rape, is protecting a rapist”.

Mwenda who also first reported the matter to President’s brutal son, Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the Commander Land Force continues to deny any wrongdoing, and describing a litany of his personal transgressions as a “sickening stunt” by the singer.

“I have never in my life met this Sheeba and had never even heard of her until this video came out and allegations made against me. When I watched the video I gave her the benefit of the doubt believing she is a descent person. I expected her, seeing how viral these allegations have gone, to come out and say I am being wrongly accused since I have never met her. She has kept stone silent.”

“….But whatever the merits of her claim, Sheeba is a fraudulent woman who is abusing both her role in society as an entertainer and her access to social media to create a media stunt purely for her selfish aims,” he wrote in a viral missive also published by UG Standard before social users called him out— accusing him of downplaying and victimizing Sheebah for courageously speaking out.

Renowned movie translator and commentator Marysmats Matovu aka VJ Junior has aimed a major dig at Mwenda— defending singer Sheebah— reasoning that there are various reasons why a victim may choose not to name suspected violators for personal and security reasons.

“Fear of not being believed, fear of retribution, fear of how the security (which she said protected the offender) will react to her and treat her, fear of how Uganda Police will respond (as we know it), fear of being ostracized and lose on many job opportunities and fear of being judged as many did without considering the above factors,” VJ Junior wrote.

“People may also be uncertain if what they experienced is assault. Some people don’t recognize a sexual assault as such until someone else points it out to them and that might be one of the other reasons Sheebah just wanted to be calculative and do it her way.”

“But as they say, if the shoe fits….wear it Mr Andrew. For you Sheebah, let all this being said about you be jst background noise. You are a super woman to many for coming out and I know that onetime when all the odds are not against you, you will let us know who that offender was!”.

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