Tamale Mirundi: Nankabirwa fighting Kadaga to become next Speaker of Parliament

Tamale Mirundi

Tamale Mirundi has slammed Government Chief Whip Ruth Nankabirwa for fighting Kadaga

The former Presidential press secretary Joseph Tamale Mirundi has revealed that the battle between the two big figures-government chief whip Ruth Nankabirwa and Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga is all about succession in both the NRM party and government.

Tamale Mirundi made this revelation on Tuesday during STV’s Sharp Talk political show. He said that the Kiboga woman Member of Parliament is fighting her Kamuli counterpart so that she can pave her way to the speakership of parliament in case she bounces back in Parliament.

“Nankabirwa is an agent of the Mafia gang but praise God that she is going to fail in these coming elections. The difference between Nankabirwa and Kadaga is knowledge and wisdom, Kadaga is far from Nankabirwa, secondly, Nankabirwa was promised the Speakership post, that is why she is undermining Kadaga, this has caused alot of wrangles within NRM MPs those supporting her and those supporting Kadaga.

She should be punished by her voters. These are dangerous fellows who have created trouble for Museveni purposely to get money, Nankabirwa is an agent of the Mafia gang that undermines Kadaga that is why she wants to use this opportunity to dethrone Kadaga from the party leadership,” he said.

The battle between Kadaga and Nankabirwa picked momentum last week during the party’s Central Executive Committee ( CEC) meeting where the two attacked each other in front of their supreme leader Gen Yoweri Museveni.

Over the weekend Nankabirwa opened a new chapter of decampaigning Kadaga using social media tools since it’s the way to go in these forthcoming general elections.

In the recent WhatsApp voice, Nankabirwa is heard campaigning for Namuganza by accusing Kadaga of working for the opposition to fail the agendas of NRM government and polices.

“I Ruth Nankabirwa, I have told you, we need people who are committed to fighting for the party, not those that betray us, working with the opposition to undermine our party. You have been following on TV how Rebecca Kadaga conducts herself in Parliament. Let us support Persis Namuganza [state minister for Lands] to help President Museveni by working for the party.

“It’s me, Ruth Nankabirwa, this is my voice and I’m supporting Namuganza and very many people are supporting her because this is a statement we don’t want judas who want to use our party. CEC is a very important organ in NRM, I will not work with someone who disrespects CEC, I ask you to support Namuaganza because she will help us,” she said in the audio.

Tamale Mirundi further noted that Nankabirwa could be too blind because every speaker who has ruled Parliament in democratic manners has worked with the opposition.

“A speaker must be neutral but because Nankabirwa is too shallow to see this that is why she is fighting Kadaga. A speaker is different from a government Chief Whip, that is why in many countries once you become a speaker you resign from your constituency because you must be neutral. Nankabirwa has destroyed the credibility of NRM MPs because every bill they want to pass she asks for money from Museveni and Kadaga fights it always. As a political scientist if I analyse Nankabirwa I see her as a very big barricade in NRM’s way of living in the next 20 years,” he said. Adding that told Nankabirwa will never be equal mentally or academically to Kadaga.

He also warned NRM party leaders to be careful because they are many people who worked for the party but they have been humiliated by some leaders within the party who have ill motives.

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