Terrifying moment for Oulanyah as 118 of the 131 sworn-in today declare support for Kadaga

At least 118 of the 131 sworn-in Monday have declared support for Kadaga (PHOTO /Courtesy).

By James Ahiro

As the countdown to the election of the speaker of the 11th parliament draws closer, the slim hopes for Jacob Oulanyah have today dwindled further after nearly all the legislators who sworn-in today declared support for Rt. Hon. Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga in the position.

Today marked the start of swearing in of new members of parliament with 131 MPs taking oath. 132 MPs were meant to take oath today but Dr Chris Baryomunsi who is the NRM Vice Chairperson Western Uganda did not show up since he is attending the ongoing NRM CEC meeting. Another MP, a one Rusoke did not also show up and Nakawa West’s Joel Ssenyonyi who was meant to swear-in tomorrow was pushed forward.

The exercise will be concluded on May 20 pending election of the speaker on May 24.

After swearing in today, our reporter asked each lawmaker on who they will vote for, in the position of the speaker and more than three quarters vehemently mentioned Kadaga and vowed to support her come the polling day.

Of the 131 lawmakers who sworn-in today, 118 said will vote Kadaga, 2 said will support Oulanyah and 11 abstained on grounds that they prefer their wish remaining a secret.

“We are voting by secret ballot, why would you like to know my preferred candidate? asked one of the MPs from Western Uganda who abstained from revealing his candidate of choice. When pressed harder to give a hint on which candidate has the best credentials for the position, the soft spoken MP said, “I will vote for ability and someone who will not shy away from chairing sessions even under challenging times.”

The development is a shocking and horrifying revelation to the overrated Jacob Oulanyah whom most of the MPs said still has a lot to learn on how to chair and manage parliamentary sessions in an impartial and objective manner.

“Parliament needs a speaker of Kadaga’s stature – one who respects and treats every MP with sobriety. Kadaga is tested and her potential is unquestionable. She also avails equal time to MPs without bias regardless of their political affiliations,” revealed another MP.

She is also credited for earnestly supporting the youth and women agenda as well as having the courtesy to guard parliament from any external influence and interference by other organs of government including the Executive.

Another legislator from Northern Uganda said, for the time he has seen and interacted with Kadaga, she has been a genuine, trusted, solid and incorruptible speaker parliament and Uganda badly needs.

This now leaves the already unpopular Jacob Oulanyah with literally no hope, he is headed for a very disappointing defeat should he remain in the race for speakership.

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