THE GAME OF GOD: Can we find time by dismantling a clock?

Can we find time by dismantling a crock?
“……the universe buries strange jewels deep within us all and then stand back to see if we can find them” see: BIG MAGIC-Creative Living by Elizabeth Gilbert.

This piece is aimed at affirming the existence of God. And ultimately the meaning of our own existence. All this is a game and God is watching. Life is a puzzle and we are all in it. It is a game in which we are tasked to know who we are, where we came from and where we are going. To answer all these, we must first affirm the existence of God.

The question of God’s existence is one man must answer in his/her lifetime in order to live a meaningful life. I must say that to affirm the existence of God, one must be guided by the Holy Spirit.

This guidance must be reduced into crystal evidence to avoid reducing God into speculation, history or mere religious theories and dogmas.

To begin with, the answer of God’s existence is personal. No thinker, philosopher or of religious man can affirm the existence of God for you. The experience of God’s existence is in persona.

Otherwise it would be like looking at yourself in the mirror and you call a professor to analyze how you look or to affirm your own existence. You see! Its despicable to ask, do I exist? In the presence of a mirror.

The evidence of God’s existence is affirmed in reality. Again, look at yourself in the mirror, look at that beautiful face. That itself affirms the existence of God…its insanity to think that the beauty and wonderful art we see emerges from an accident. Look at your beautiful face and tell me, can you believe that the same emerged accidently?

To deny the existence of God is like to wake up in the morning having slept a lone in the house and you find a flower on the table instead of undertaking to establish who brought the flower..you continue with your damn day activities as if nothing is really happening. In other words, the presence of a flower is a whisper, it is silently whispering to you that look!

There is another person in the house or that someone came in the house. This is a perfect example of how reality communicates to us about the existence of God. That when you wake up in the morning and look at the beautiful lake shores or hills in your area…it’s a communication of the presence of the Other (God).

God’s existence can be affirmed in the constant of change. For example, the human cycle affirms the existence of God. The fact that, man is born and dies affirms that there is a controller otherwise it would be a straight life all through.

In this article I attempt to communicate my own experience of God not a theory of God’s existence.

I must say that life is a puzzle and one of the fundamental questions you must ask yourself on daily basis is the meaning of life and your own existence.

Life is a game set by God and every reality we encounter are all elements in this game. The destiny of this game is God.
For example, can you summarize life in the following ways?

-death etc. the truth is that to think like this is to take a reductionist approach to life.

Humanity has had money, sex, family, friends among others but all these have fallen short in establishing the meaning of his/her own existence.

Because man is a moving reality headed for the ultimate destiny. The ultimate question of man cannot be answered in the material world. Money, a wife, fame etc. cannot be the ultimate answer to man. You see! They are overrated.

The fact that these are fundamentally lacking to man imports and cements the meaning of life as a divine game…life is a drama.

It follows that there are fundamental non-physical properties which the material world tends to suppress. These properties provide a great clue to the meaning of our own existence and ultimately in getting an answer to this game.

There exist non-physical properties separate from the brain and beyond the reach of the material world. Thus, the idea that the self (if it exists) must be located in the brain betrays a state of affairs at par with a notion that we can find time by dismantling a clock. The foregoing connotes that, just because we can’t see…. Destiny does not mean that there is no destiny.

The meaning of our own existence does not dwell in us but a self-explanatory being which undoubtedly is the ultimate origin and destiny of man. Given that materialism can’t explain the meaning of our own existence gives room for an alternative theory to play which is generally part of a daily experience of man. “The search for meaning and existence” The whole point in this game is to discover and appreciate the meaning of our own existence which ultimately lies in God.

In this game, reality is a great guide and manifests the fundamental question of own existence. Through this question, we can appreciate the game. That destiny is seeing us in confusion.

Note: to understand this game we, must appreciate our ultimate purpose and origin as human beings. We must look at ourselves in the mirror and answer the question of originality.

In conclusion, an education that does not addressaddress the question of our own meaning and value is a project of human extinction. Science, education, politics and innovation is not inherently at loggerheads with humanity.

All these must be a greater step in our self-discovery as human beings.

To appreciate that our life is a game and every action we undertake is a slide in the deeper understanding and the meaning of ourselves as human beings is the greatest human fulfilment.


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