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THE NIGHT BEFORE GOD CAME:  10 things you didn’t know about the night angel event in Rwentobo


Night angel is literally the night before Christmas day, in other words the 24th day of December every year according to the Gregorian calendar.

In my small village of Rwentobo in Ntungamo district, this night is the real deal. It is much celebrated by the youth more than Christmas. Perhaps we could say that Christmas is just a formality. In as far as I know, it is like a night festival or you can call it an annual outing for villagers.

A small church choir predominated by the youth move door to door at each villager’s home singing and dancing in preparation for the birth of Jesus. The youth prepare more than 2 months for this event.

We must appreciate the fact that parents in the villages rarely go for outing and so are their children especially the youth. Thus, this night acts a meeting point of people from different age groups and class. In this night many things happen to include but not limited to:

1. The town dwellers from Kampala majorly the working class invest in this invent heavily… they give hard cash, clothes, buzz to villagers as they sing and engage them in storytelling. In turn the villagers enjoy the company of the scarce town dwellers. This helps the two to refresh their memories of past events.

2. It’s a dating night for the youth.

If you had a crush in the village and you never had the time to meet him or her, this night becomes ideal. Because it’s the only time when children are given some freedom to move at night outside the home stead.

Almost every youth has a date before that day. Unfortunately, my parents have never accorded me the opportunity to participate in the same. Thus, I have always disappointed my village darling. It is the best outing I have contemplated for years.

3. Singing and dancing

The celebrations normally begin at around 10:00pm. The choir sets off from church singing and dancing at every homestead in the village. You see! Its very interesting. When you hear the echo of the gentle music from a distance, you can’t remain indifferent. You feel the presence of the good news. Some boys with good dancing skills take the show…they cease this opportunity to win over ladies.

4. Praise and Worship.

The villagers take this opportunity to immerse themselves in prayer. They use this opportunity to reflect on their faith. For example, at home my parents never allow us to sleep before the angel choir comes. some people stay awake praying, singing and dancing till morning.

5. Gifts.

The youth cease this night to surprise their loved ones with gifts…given that it’s the only chance one could possibly have to meet a loved one the whole year, they cease the same to express love to their loved ones. Boss! I can tell you it’s like a night before paradise.

6. Bush night sex.

Possibly if you never appreciated what wild sex is, this is a better explanation. The youth in the village use this night and the bush profitably. As the choir moves around singing, there other activities taking place bush. Another sort of music dominates the night wood. It is an intimate night.

7. Eating and drinking.

Its now a custom that when the choir comes to sing at your homestead, you are required to give a token of appreciation. This can be food, drinks, money (money is taken to the church) etc.

8. Star gazing.

At this night loved ones undertake to venture in stargazing. The milky way is normally clear at that night. Its thus indeed wonderful to witness the beauty in the galaxy with a loved one. No doubt, you can’t help but be overwhelmed by awe.

9. Hill visit.

Some loved ones in this night take the risk to visit Kyanzaire hill..this is meant to create a more perfect intimate time together. It is one way in which a boy proves that he or she has capacity to keep the lady safe.

10. Goat roasting at Kyanzaire hill.

After the night choir visiting their homestaeddy, people trek kyanzaire hill at night to do goat roasting. People eat meat till morning.

In conclusion, the celebration of this night in Rwentobo is coupled with a cocktail of things. I can say it is night where man meets love and God. A lot of events happy that make this day colorful. This night is a social, spiritual and economic meeting in Rwentobo. However, I must note that the same is declining due to the failure of leaders to identify the same a social, spiritual and economic zone.

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